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Games Media Shoots Massive Loads Over Orlando Shooting (Of Course)

Games Media Shoots Massive Loads Over Orlando Shooting (Of Course)


50 people are dead in Orlando, as many are injured, and the body count record for a single mass shooting in the US has almost doubled.

Heres what we know: The shooter, Omar Mateen (AKA Omar Mir Seddique Mateen)pledged his allegiance to ISIS. The shooter practiced a very militant form of Islam. The shooter was under investigation by the FBI, yet was able to purchase firearms legally. The shooters marriage ended after a string of physical abuse. The shooter was so sickened by the sight of two people of the same sex kissing that he went out and shot 103 people at Pulse, an Orlando area gay club.

Heres what we dont know: What was in his Playstation library? Did he own a Playstation, or was he more of an Xbox guy? What was his K/D ratio in Call of Duty?

Theres no information available to suggest this murderous pig fucker ever picked up a controller. There is verified information that this poster child for abortion hated gays and wanted to join the most vile terrorism group currently active anywhere in the world.Yet, the games press couldnt wait to fire up their keyboards on this one. Predictably and depressingly, they couldnt wait to make the deaths of 50 people, cut down suddenly and violently while out for a bit of weekend fun, all about them and their bullshit.

For me, this isn’t about ethics in games journalism, or whatever. This goes beyond that. This is more important than that. This is about calling out people who are so self-centered, so disgusting, that they were chomping at the bit to use a literal pile of bodies as a soapbox to complain, once again, about digital violence that harms nobody, period. People who would look at a gay club turned mass tomb and instantly think, how can I use this to validate my shitty career choice, to advance my personal agenda for the future of electronic playthings, to make the death of a hundred people abouttoys?

But really, how could they resist? After all, the worst murder spree in the history of the country took place on the eve of E3, the game industrys yearly trade show bonanza. Quickly, my dear reader! Put your ear to the wind: If you listen closely, you can hear the moans of pleasure and ecstasy as the subhumans, the filth, the liquid rancid fecal matter in the games press masturbate themselves to mind-blowing, toe-curling, pillow-biting orgasm.

Theres very little that needs to be said in defense of video games today. To do so would make me as bad as the games press. My purpose here is not to defend, but to shame. The Gamergate campaign is largely over after resounding victory, yes. But as we observe these individuals stroke their cocks furiously on social media, using the not yet dried blood of the innocent as lubricant, let us shame the broken, irredeemable, irreparable games press. Let us see their crimes, then harass and humiliate and hound them in every legal fashion until they quit social media, quit the business, and god willing voluntarily quit life on this goddamn planet.

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