Mike from Hobart tries his hand at politics…

The night after the September 11th attacks, George Bush addressed the nation for roughly four minutes, claiming that America was targeted because it embraces and promotes freedom. The following day, he said that the terrorists who attacked America did so because they hate American values and freedom. The day after that, Bush stated that America was attacked because it defends freedom. Two days after that, Bush addressed the public and clarified that al-Qaeda hates America and the freedom it stands for, and called for a “war on terrorism.”

This was an extremely shallow explanation. Actually, it was totally untrue. According to the State Department, bin Laden did not orchestrate the attack to simply kill American civilians or undermine freedom in America. Bin Laden had clear political objectives. He was working to drive American presence out of the Middle East, and cripple America’s economic infrastructure. By establishing a good versus evil basis for a war on terror, Bush used a false context to push his war effort against Afghanistan, and ultimately Iraq, by misguiding the already misguided American public. You know, all those fucking redneck states?

In October of 2001, American and British forces retaliated in Afghanistan, bombing Taliban targets and driving militants from Kabul. During this time, Bush repeatedly said that he was committed to rebuilding Afghanistan, yet his actions would prove otherwise. Not only were there false reports regarding civilian deaths, but by March of 2002, coalition forces had only secured the territory of Kabul while lawlessness and violence escalated in the rest of the country. The security in Afghanistan did not improve in 2003 either. In the spring of 2003, 320 million dollars would be sent to a barely operational Afghan military. Most coverage of anything Afghan-related in the news has since dissipated, except for those fraudulent and preposterous elections that recently took place. Those were just photo opportunities, nothing more.

Bush’s deceptive politics have also been implemented on the home-front. In 2002, as Enron was collapsing, Bush lied about his connection to Enron CEO, Ken “Kenny-Boy” Lay. Bush also said nothing about the company’s rampant fraud, his own administrative link to Enron, or any link to the California energy crisis. Bush did this because it directly linked him to a huge corporate scandal. Enron was the number one contributor to the Bush campaign of 2000, donating a total of $700,000. Ken himself contributed 10,000 dollars to the Florida recount fund and provided a private air-force to fly Bush campaign officials anywhere they needed to go. Man, Bush is a pretty smart cookie.

Regarding Iraq, Bush used a completely untrue phrase to kick off his war campaign. The new term was, “Axis of Evil.” He described Iran, Iraq, and North Korea to be the axis even though these countries had little in common and did not at all coordinate their military policies. Iran and Iraq are actually bitter enemies. Bush spent the better part of 2002 attempting to make a solid case that Saddam Hussein was an ominous threat to America because he possessed weapons of mass destruction, another ridiculous “bushism.”

Bush’s administration also claimed that there was a definitive link between Iraq and al-Qaeda. By the end of October, 2002, a Time poll revealed that 71 percent of Americans thought that Saddam Hussein had assisted in the September 11 attacks. Needless to say, a majority of the American people are fucking morons because both of these assertions–that Iraq had WMD’s, and that Hussein was linked to al-Qaeda–were both later proven to be false.

During Bush’s 2000 campaign, he promised to end tariffs and snap barriers to free trade, preaching that the world needs to trade unhindered. Yet, in March of 2002, Bush imposed tariffs on imported steel to bail out the struggling American steel industry. By doing this, he guaranteed himself the steelworker vote in key states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia for the 2004 election. There are a lot of fucking steelworkers in these states, and they’re registered to vote. So what happened in this year’s election? Yep, Bush won Ohio and West Virginia, and barely lost in Pennsylvania.

It’s clear that American presidents, both past and present, have used lies to push their own agendas. The Whitehouse has been home to some of the biggest liars on the planet. President Johnson lied about the Gulf of Tonkin attack, which led to retaliatory attacks in Vietnam. President Nixon lied about covertly bombing Cambodia. He also lied about Watergate. Reagan lied about trading weapons for hostages in Iran. Well, Reagan was out of his mind, so, we can’t exactly blame him entirely. The Bush reelection doesn’t seem at all surprising seeing as how America actually elected an Alzheimerous nut-case to be the President. Twice!

President Clinton lied about his sexual relations with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky. He somehow avoided impeachment and boosted his approval rating at the same time! Man, Clinton was great. Yet, these were all isolated events, not a relentless misrepresentation of facts. There is no question that President George W. Bush has thus far been the most disingenuous President in recent memory, using a string of blatant falsifications to lead America into two wars, both of which continue to this day. Expect four more years of deceit.