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Is Gremlins 3 Still Happening?

Gremlins and its sequel are two of the most iconic movies of all time, and it seems baffling that they were never followed up by a third offering in the series. There has long been talk of a new Gremlins film for modern audiences, and it could finally be happening.

If Gremlins 3 comes to fruition, it could bring the franchise back into popular culture. It may even lead to future spinoffs and sequels.

Gremlins Offered a Cool Twist on Adorable Creatures

One of the greatest things about Gremlins was that the filmmakers took adorable creatures and turned them into evil terrors. There’s a widespread fascination with cute creatures in popular culture, with offerings like Fluffy Favourites featuring animals like pandas and giraffes on the reels. These icons are designed to appear visually appealing and non-threatening, evoking positive emotions in players.

The Mogwai in Gremlins were also designed to have this same effect and, at first, viewers found them exceptionally adorable. However, it’s clearly stated in the early parts of the 1984 picture from Joe Dante that there are dire consequences for people who break any of the rules. The person who sells the Mogwai to the protagonist in Gremlins warns him to not expose it to light, to not let it come into contact with water, and to not feed it after midnight.

These warnings serve as a Chekov’s Gun to the narrative and, of course, all the rules are eventually broken. Seeing the cute animals turn into vicious beings is quite a shock for viewers, and it adds to the impact that these antagonists have.

Gremlins 3 Will Not Serve as a Reboot or Remake

There have been calls for a Gremlins 3 for some time, and recent reports suggest that it could be on the cards. An IMDb report has revealed that it will definitely be a sequel or a prequel, rather than a reboot. Original writer Chris Columbus has been adamant about this, and he has stated that the original is close to his heart. Therefore, he doesn’t want to tarnish its legacy by adapting it for modern audiences.

However, Columbus has come up with a potential idea for a third film and wrote a loose script for it in 2017. His concept is that, because Gizmo created the Gremlins, it would make sense to eliminate him to stop any future carnage. This plot could have been inspired by The Terminator, in which the robots attempt to go back in time to stop John Connor before he can become a legendary military leader. It’s certainly an interesting direction in which to take the Gremlins franchise.

It’s the era of media franchises, with certain famous IPs now spanning movies, television series, and games. Now would be the perfect time to bring Gremlins back into the mainstream. A third film in the series could easily lead to a television spinoff, and it’s likely that a lot of streaming services would be competing for the rights to make it.





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