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The Oddest Horror-Based Movie Tie-Ins Ever Released

Horror movies are a very niche genre. Some people can’t get enough of them, while others avoid them like the plague in fear of waking in the night with terrors and flashbacks. They are designed to scare, and as such have a psychological edge that other movies do not. Thus, it can be quite surprising to see them in different walks of life. From games to clothing, these gore-filled fright fests pop up in the most unique ways.  

A Nightmare on Elm Street Slot Game

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a supernatural slasher film from 1984. The main protagonist is Freddie Kruger, a clawed and disfigured murderer who snatches people in their dreams. Directed by the master of horror, Wes Craven, it is often considered one of the best horror films of all time. Thus, it stands to reason that it has plenty of movie tie-in products and licenses. One of the most unique is that it has its slot title, where you can spin reels on Elm Street itself.  

Nightmare on Elm Street is not the only horror slot game on the market. There is a whole subgenre of them, some extremely enjoyable. There are online slot games that use general horror tropes, such as vampires and ghosts. However, the ones with the biggest jackpots are often with the most popular licenses. You can spin reels with Michael Myers on Halloween, or dip into a CCTV spookfest with Paranormal Activity. Even sci-fi crossover Alien has its slot titles.  

The Blair Witch Project Soundtrack

The Blair Witch Project was an instant hit, that turned the concept of how a horror movie should be filmed and delivered upon its head. Released in 1998, it follows three students who venture into the Black Hills to film a documentary about local legend the Blair Witch. All of this is filmed from their viewpoint through video cameras. They vanish and their cameras are found a year later, with the footage being the movie.  

If the movie had been given a soundtrack, it would have lost the vein of authenticity its whole concept hangs upon. That makes it extremely strange to find out that a soundtrack was released. To capitalise on the success, a CD was created to accompany it. The music was inspired by the movie and had a tenuous link according to which it was a mixtape found in the students’ car that went missing.  

Dawn of the Dead Board Game

This 1978 zombie movie was by director George A Romero. The second of his legendary zombie movies is set in a shopping mall infested with flesh-eating monsters. You follow the people trying hard to get out, who end up using the contents of the mall to escape. It is a strange concept for a board game and something you won’t be playing at Christmas. The accompanying figurines are hyperrealistic and quite fantastic. 
There are plenty of other movie tie-ins that defy explanations and more from the horror genre. Some of them will make great gifts, but can be scarce so they may need locating on the second-hand market. Start looking early and you may just find even more great ideas for horror-loving fans.  






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