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5 Languages of Love: How to Strengthen Relationships and Learn to Understand a Partner

Different people have different opinions about how to express their feelings. It is possible that you and your beloved one also have misunderstandings about this. For her, something could be a priority, and you consider a real manifestation of love and care something completely different. Check here why it happens so and what to do.


For those who love because of being touched by a partner, there is nothing more important than tactile contact, words are always in the second place. It is through hugs, kisses, holding hands and everything like that they feel real intimacy. The tactile receptors of such people are very sensitive. It is also believed that Ukrainian brides from especially appreciate the tactile contact. They also always try to touch the partner and are offended when he does not. Therefore, it is important to always maintain physical contact.

The Words

Warm words of love or support are the most important for such a person. Compliments, praise, gratitude – if she does not hear them regularly, then she begins to doubt the feelings of the partner. And vice versa, she’ll ready to turn mountains for the sake of one who sincerely praises and admires her personality. Just a few words of encouragement can inspire the person with confidence for any accomplishments. But criticism or comments give the opposite effect: upset and oppress.


For such people, true love manifests itself in material things: gifts, flowers, beautiful gestures. But the lack of surprises, even for minor reasons, upsets them. To please a partner, it is not necessary to spend huge amounts. Even inexpensive small things have enormous emotional value for them. Especially if they are made with your hands or presented just like that, for no reason. 


For some people, the most important thing is just to be with their partner, walk, talk, do something together. The more time is spent together, the better. But this time should belong only to two people. It is important to be completely in the moment, not to be distracted by other matters and concerns, not to rush. The desire to quickly end the conversation and talk about their business will be surely noticed by such a person and will offend her more than the absence of a partner. It is also very important for her to see an understanding of his experiences and feelings. 


Someone likes to cope with all difficulties and problems on their own, but not the one for whom help is the main manifestation of love. Such a person is always ready to help and expects the same from the second half. Help can relate to absolutely any area of life. Often a person may well cope with the task oneself. If you ignore the requests of the partner, who appreciates the help, you can really offend her.