CompTIA A+ 220-901: General Overview

IT certification exams play an essential role in the development of IT careers. Getting to attain that IT certificate can be a very key milestone and a great boost in keeping you at the forefront of the sector. Undertaking the certification tests is a good way to validate your IT competencies and skills to your potential employers.

Currently, many organizations and companies are looking for employees with these credentials because they are deemed competent and well experienced. The exams are different with each having its own objective. Some of the tests on cloud computing or basic IT skills to Microsoft application knowledge. Depending on what you want, you will be sure to find an exam that suits your current IT needs.

The exams are very complex and hence require one to have a good IT background to handle them properly. Today will have a look at the certification exam and get to deal what it is all about.


TheCompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is a very well-known IT certification test that is recognized by different government agencies. The test is designed with the objectives of assessing a candidate’s ability to handle PC related issues, such as networking, hardware and software knowledge, installing and configuring systems, and troubleshooting.

This A+ exam is usually preferred by those professionals who want to establish a career in technical IT support and IT operational duties. With thisCompTIAtest in hand, your employer will definitely know that he or she is hiring a competent employee.


This is a very important certification when it comes to assessing a candidates skills in using the PC. The exam covers four main areas that the candidates must go through first and in detail. These include hardware, networking mobile devices, networking and hardware, and network troubleshooting. The applicants must show their ability to comfortably handle these topics at each stage. In addition, all these topics are all tested in the exam in varied weight.


The 220-901 exam has three categories of questions, namely drag and drop, performance-based and multiple-choice questions. You can choose any depending on your preference. All these categories have 90 questions which you must answer within the stipulated timeframe of one hour and thirty minutes. To pass this certification exam, the candidates must attain a score of 675 and above. The A+ test is available in various languages, including French, Spanish, German, English, and Portuguese.


There are several resources that one can use to prepare for the exam.

PC Technician this is a very important resource that includes all the needed content that pertains to PC issues. It covers topics such as Networking, Troubleshooting, and General PC maintenance.

PrepAway for a detailed and comprehensive practice questions, then you will get all the all the need test exams here. The exams are well structured and cover all the testable exam topics.

Dummies Website this contains all the necessary basic knowledge pertaining to file management and other PC tasks. It is a good starting point for a newbie.


There are different exam websites that you can visit to prepare for the CompTIA 220-901 test.

CertBlaster the website will give you great access to a wide range of exam-related materials that will greatly boost your preparedness levels.

Crucial exams this website offers lots of practice materials to help you prepare well enough. It covers all the necessary test areas in relation to PC issues.

Exam compass it offers a wide range of study materials to prepareyou for the certification exam. You should try this site out to see if it will help you.


Several books are available that students can get to read and prepare for the CompTIA A+ 220-901 test. They include:

All-in-One CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, 9th Ed. the book covers generally all the basic fundamentals of PC relates issues. It will definitely give you a good starting point.

Mike Meyers A+ Guide to Managing & Troubleshooting PCs, 5th Edition it is a good read if you want to know the inner workings of being a superb PC trouble-shooter. It covers all the fundamental concepts of PC troubleshooting and management of other PC related issues.

Mike Meyers Passport Series: CompTIA A+ Certification 220-901, 220-902 the book is very much deep and covers all aspects of the PC including networking hardware and troubleshooting.

HOW TO PASS CompTIA A+ 220-901 EXAM?

Passing exams is not an easy task as it entails a lot of things. Below are tips to aid you in your preparation process.

  • Start early preparations. Establish a good study plan that will enable you to touch on all the topics before the exam date.
  • Start with the topics that are challenging to you, then move onto the topics that you find easy. This will help you manage your study time well enough.
  • Establish a bank of good and well-understood shorts notes. This will give you an easy time when study especially a few days before the test.
  • Read different learning materials as this will help you be able to acquire new information and knowledge.
  • In case you get stuck at some point ensure you ask your teacher or fellow students for help.
  • Practice always by doing numerous test exams and quizzes. This will give you a good overview of how to handle the actual exam.
  • On the exam day ensure you manage your time well. Start with the easy questions then return to handle the hard ones later. Also, ensure you attempt all questions.


When it comes to passing exams, early preparation is always important. This is because you will be required to go through lots of topics and this cannot be done within a short period of time. So, our advice is to start early. If you study lots of things within a short time, you will not pass the exam. Also, try to make good uses of practice tests as it will also help you cover all topics. Do as many exam practice tests as possible.