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Microsoft 70-346 Exam Overview and Top Preparation Tips in One Guide

Over the years the Microsoft certifications have been continually improved and enhanced, and they also offer several upgraded features now. This is why perfection and professionalism for the MCSA credentials a big asset for everyone who takes the relevant exam as there is a demand for the competent and qualified professionals in this field. The Microsoft MCSA: Office 365 certificate is not a quick one because you will have to pass the Microsoft 70-346 test. This certification is your stepping stone, which will lead you to Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert. Here are the top tips and resources that you will need to prepare effectively for your 70-346 exam. Let’s begin by informing you about the exam details.

Microsoft 70-346: Overview

This certification exam will enable you to employ, evaluate, plan, and operate Microsoft 365 services that also include its dependencies, supporting technologies, and requirements. This test also measures the ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.

  • Provision office. It presupposes the configuration of name, region, initial global administrator, how to manage tenant subscriptions and learn how to operate the licensing model. The candidates must add and configure customs domains and even set up their email accounts.
  • Planning and implementing networking and security. The studentslearn how to configure DNS records, enable client connectivity, administer Microsoft Azure rights management services,and manage administrator roles.
  • Manage cloud identities. The configuration of password management, security groups, as well asoperation ofcloud identities with Windows PowerShell are included in this domain.
  • Manage and implement identities by utilizing Azure AD Connect. You must know how to prepare an on-premises directory, set up an Azure connect tool, and manage directory users and groups.
  • Implementandrun federated identities for single sign-on (SSO).The candidates install and manage AD FS servers and WAP servers.
  • Troubleshoot and monitor Office 365 availability and usage. It is important to know how to analyze reports, monitor service health, and isolate service interruption.

Who is qualified to take this exam? The candidates for the Download Free ETE Files are IT professionals. The individuals should be experienced in the Office 365 Admin center. They should understandSkype for Business Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Office 365 ProPlus. This also includes experience with service descriptions and other configuration options.

Now, you know the most significant details involved in the Microsoft 70-346certification test. Let’s talk about the resources that you can use to prepare effectively for this exam and go for the career you have been working towards.

Microsoft 70-346: Preparation Tips

  • Video training courses

There are numerous websites that offer effective video training courses for the Microsoft 70-346 exam. The most used website is It is highly recommended as it offers a wide range of video training resources. The videos that are provided on this platform are relatively short and straight to the point. However, they also explaineffectively the details of the test and its preparation. These videos also make it easy to revise and memorize all the important things that will help you excel in your exam. You can also avail the 3-month free trial that is provided for your exam preparation. 

  • Training classes

There are multiple online training courses that you can easily choose when you begin to prepare for your Microsoft exam. Here are the most recommended online training programs for Microsoft 70-346:

  • CLD204 Compliance in Office 356: eDiscovery, which includes a series of courses concerning compliance with Office 365
  • CLD220 Provisioning Office 365 Services, which presents the steps to plan and configure properly
  • CLD206 Compliance in Office 365: Data Governance, which provides organizational data and how to plan and implement data governance
  • CLD221 Enabling Office 365 Clients, which is about managing deployments and monitoring your Office 365 clients with built-in telemetry tools 
  • CLD222 Managing Microsoft Exchange Online in Office 365, which teaches to set up and use exchange online and learn your messaging system in this online training program
  • CLD223 Onboarding Messaging to Office 365 – you will learn how to migrate your email system using fast track center
  • CLD243 Managing Office 365 Identities, which explains how to implement and manage the various types of identities in Office 365, including cloud, federated and synced identities
  • CLD245 Security in Office 365 – the students learn how to plan, implement, and manage security in Office 365. It is about the different threats that can target an organization and how to secure your surroundings.
  • Books and study guides

To pass and score well on the Microsoft 70-346 exam, it is critical that you opt to read the official books. Amazon offers several official guides for the MCSE and MCSA certificates. The most widely recommended book is the Exam Ref 70-346 Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements, 2nd edition. It is the single most helpful guide for this certification test and is a must-have for all candidates. It covers all the topics for this exam exhaustively and also provides diagrammatic demonstrations for the practical section of the test. Other helpful books that will aid you in preparing for your exam include Microsoft office 365 Administration Inside Out and Essential Power Shell for office 365: Managing and Automating skills for improved productivity.


There is no doubt that the Microsoft exams are hard to prepare for. However, with the right resources and the appropriate programs, you can achieve what you are aiming for. With the guidance provided above, you would never face a single issue while preparing for your Microsoft 70-346 exam. With everything in order now, we sincerely wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and hope you end up achieving all what you want. Make sure to study hard and become a professional in no time.