“So I say to the talent agent that we have this act, and it’s a family act and the agent goes, ‘No, we don’t book family acts,’ but I say to him that he really needs to see our act. He agrees. So, myself, my wife, my five-year-old son Johnny and my seven-year-old daughter Susie — plus our dog Rex — all line up and begin dropping trou. Almost instantly, my cock is rock hard and at its full fourteen inches. This is too much for my daughter Susie as she runs over and begins sucking on it. Pretty fucking good for a seven-year-old. My wife starts blowing the dog as my son puts three fingers up my ass — no lube! Then he shits into his hand, shoves his shit up my ass, and gets his whole arm up there. Susie is still blowing me, and my ass is so lubed from little Johnny’s shit, that she does a reach-around and gets her little arm up there, too. So, both of my children are shaking hands in my ass!

Then, the dog comes in my wife’s mouth and she goes and spits it all over the kids’ hair. I bend down — still with their arms up my ass — and begin sodomizing Rex. My wife takes turns licking each kids’ cute little assholes. My giant cock is really hurting the dog, and he’s bleeding pretty bad, so I tell little Johnny to come and fuck the dog for a while. He can get these real cute little hard ons — takes after his old man. Now I begin butt-fucking my daughter, and even though my cock’s bigger than her arm, it slides right in her well-worn ass. So, I pull my cock out, put it in my wife’s ass, and then fist my daughter’s ass. That gets her bleeding real good. There’s blood all over the floor from Susie’s ass and the dogs ass, and my wife is on all fours — my cock in her ass — licking it up.

Then, my wife goes to her purse and pulls out this fetus she miscarried a while back. Me and little Johnny get to work on shoving it back up her cunt. We only put it halfway in — as was the plan — and I put little Johnny up on the talent agent’s desk. He then jumps off the desk and onto my wife’s stomach which blows the fetus out of her cunt. Meanwhile, my daughter is standing about ten feet from my wife, bent over and with her pussy spread as wide as her little hands can spread it. You should see her. Little Johnny’s a pretty good shot, and the head of the fetus goes right into Susie’s cunt. I go to pull it out, but the body shlubs off, so there is now a small corpse head stuffed up my daughter’s cunt and a little spine hanging out of her. I grab the spine and begin swinging her around my head as my wife and son begin eating the dog. I then chuck Susie onto the guy’s desk.

So, the talent agent says, ‘”That’s a hell of an act you got there, Senator Santorum. What do you call it?’

The Aristocrats!”