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Chasing Rabbits (2021)

I watched and reviewed a neat vampire film produced by Eric Pascarelli and I noticed that he had another full-length film with some of the same stars, namely Leanne Johnson, James Tackett and Holly Anspaugh. This film was about dangerous cults (I know, redundant), so I decided to give it a look. 

Penny (Leanne Johnson) was having a tough time. She was stuck in a thankless job, her creativity hamstrung by her dumb-ass, nepotic boss (James Tackett) and her personal relationship with Cody (Jorge Juarez) was failing because she didn’t want kids, and he did. The reason was heartbreaking and legit. Her mother had abandoned the family when she was 10, joining a cult and disappearing. 

Things get worse. Her boyfriend breaks up with her, her father disappears (she suspects he is abducted by the cult), and she loses her job after a dust-up with her shitty Boss. The balance of the film involves Penny trying to infiltrate the cult, and her best friend Jane (Holly Anspaugh) trying to talk her out of it. 

Chasing Rabbits is another well-made film with a tiny budget. This shows, with the small cast and the mostly dialogue-driven nature of the movie, but it is another good effort as well. The film was made in 2021, in the middle of the Covid pandemic, and this fact was incorporated into the film seamlessly. Cults leaders, like Biblical prophets, often make vague predictions about catastrophic events. Anti-vaxxers and Capital stormers were also casually mentioned. This was a nice touch. 

The acting in this movie was very adequate to very good and I want to give special accolades to Drew Russell, who played Zebulon. He was the cult leader, a position inherited from his father (Steve Bernstein), who founded the cult. He played the part perfectly, but are things as they seem? The movie is dramatic without being predictable and cheesy, and quite believable.

Chasing Rabbits is available for streaming free on Tubi, with ads and is definitely worth a watch.

7.0/10.0 With the Goatesians rating of worth a cult watch film

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6 responses to “Chasing Rabbits (2021)”

  1. Drew Russell Avatar
    Drew Russell

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the film. It was a pleasure to make it with such wonderful people.

    1. Goat Avatar

      You nailed the part of the cult leader. You were awesomely believable.

  2. Leanne Avatar

    Thanks for watching the film and for writing a review! We all enjoyed working in this one 😀

    1. Goat Avatar

      For the miniscule budget, it was pretty amazing. Congrats on your Best Actress award.

  3. John Welsh Avatar
    John Welsh

    It’s heartening to see low budget filmmaking is alive and well.

    1. Goat Avatar

      Some of them, like this one, are quite good, especially for the budget. Low budget films tend to be dialogue driven out of necessity. There is not the budget for car and train explosions or other shennanigans.

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