Choose Their Kill

It’s not every day we do this promo posts where we give free advertising to somebody. But, it’s not everyday someone who has written for us winds up working with Eli Roth. And if the result wasn’t so fun, I probably still wouldn’t bother with this post. But, our pal, Aaron Mento, who you might remember from his piece about butts in True Detective, has created a web series for Roth’s Crypt TV.

In Choose Their Kill, we get to follow the adventures of a various serial killers. In each episode, a clueless victim runs afoul of a given psychopath and we get to decide how they are dealt with. If that sounds a bit too sadistic for you, I’ll point out that the killers are people like Miko The Silencer, a murderous mime and Radical Brad, a health conscious lifeguard who only wants to show people the consequences of abusing their own bodies. In other words, this is mainly a comedy/horror/videogame/online video. The important thing is that it’s a lot of fun. I’ve played through every one so far. Here’s the first episode. There are several more available and even more on the way.