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Dracula: The Count’s Kin

Tagline: Follow your bloodline

This movie caught my eye on the Facebook page of the actor James Tackett, who often works with John Wells in fledgling movies like Overtime and Loss Prevention. The director, Eric Pascarelli was kind enough to send me the link to a screening, so as fate has it, I am going to review yet another vampire movie. What is amazing is that this film was made on a budget that wouldn’t pay for a medium-sized rehearsal dinner at McDonalds.

Monika (Daisey Hickey) is the heroine of this film, but she has a mysterious and murky past, revealed by some subtle hints. Don’t be like me, so pay close attention in your first viewing or you will be re-winding to pick up the pieces you missed. Her degree in Criminology lands her a job as assistant to the Private Investigator Walter (James Tackett) who has just taken a bizarre missing person’s case. 

Simon, a young black mamma’s boy, had just landed his dream date, a good-looking older woman with a big house. Simon not only was catfished, but he fell into the lair of the film’s villain Elizabeth (LeAnne Johnson) who also happened to be Count Dracula’s sister. We will never see Simon again. 

Dracula: The Count’s Kin is not your typical vampire movie. Yes, there are some vampire tropes with garlic and wooden stakes from “Van The Man’s” shop, and some shape-shifting by Elizabeth, but that is not what this film is about. Monika’s investigation leads her to an encounter group… a TV “Need 2B Solved” show, and much conversation with her sister Kelly (Paisley Blackburn) and her childhood friend Devin (Holly Anspaugh). Plus, there are more bizarre and terrifying deaths. As I mentioned, this was a low budget movie, so thankfully we were spared seeing the entire L.A. police force brutalized by vampires. 

What we did get to see was a good, layered drama with some breadcrumbs dropped along the way. Just what was the story of this Monika and why was this terrifying Sister of Dracula so interested in her? What was the deal with Colin, played brilliantly by Dashawn Kelley, Elizabeth’s servant, keeper of the house and Acolyte? There are many clues and much to see, so bring your thinking cap if you are to fully enjoy this film.

Again, considering the budget, Eric Pascarelli did an amazing job on this film, especially the fact that he did his own lensing. The film is beautifully shot and edited and the acting was pretty spectacular, especially again with tiny budget. LeAnne Johnson just nailed the part of a fearless and ruthless vampire who was totally focused on her mission. 

I did not notice any weak links in the acting, with Monika playing it straight and always concerned was her bestie Devin and supporting sister. This intriguing movie was more of a crime drama than a horror film and I gave special props to Eric and Mage Lanz, who were the writers. Again, this is not your typical plug and play popcorn vampire movie. It is a completely different take on the well-worn vampire story, and I applaud it.

7.5/10.0 With the Goatesians Rating of Unique Indie Vampire Film



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  1. 'The Countess Dracula' Avatar

    Thank you for the review and your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Goat Avatar

      You are very welcome. I’m also going to check out Chasing Rabbits (2021) as well. It is streaming on Freevee and also included with Amazon Prime.

  2. James Tackett Avatar
    James Tackett

    Thank you for reviewing our film. I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

    1. Goat Avatar

      Glad to do this James. Just let me know any time you have a film that needs reviewing.

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