From Russia With Love: Bond Brief

Bond unwittingly participates in a delicate plan. An English fugitive is recruited in North Africa for dubious purposes. A man is garroted for wearing a Bond mask. The faint smell of evil is in the air. Bond maneuvers in the space between complicated stories. A part time grandmaster and full time schemer smokes during a tournament game. Bond carries a dangerous suitcase. A rug merchant offers Bond advice.

The head of SPECTRE wears a large signet ring on his pinky, enjoys blood sports, is anonymous. After being told the rationale behind their plan, he replies ‘yes, all that you say may be true’ and seems satisfied. It is rumored that Bond is a guiltridden man. SPECTRE plans to steal an enigma machine then sell it back to the previous owners. They are not interested in their secret communiqués. The woman tasked with carrying out part of SPECTRE’s plan recoils from human touch. Bond upgrades to the bridal suite. Bond’s smirk has wounding power. The possibility of a proxy war serves as cover. Bond travels by boat through an ancient cistern. He thinks about how all the famous explorers are dead.


Bulgarians and Gypsies are at odds. Bond is adopted by a Gypsy paterfamilias. Gypsy women file their nails down to sharp points, anticipating matrimonial combat. Bond’s breakfast: green figs, yogurt, coffee: very black. A cluster of operatives watch Bond have sex. A sultan imports an ablution fountain. Bond implores her to keep it technical. An agèd, blind homosexual painter teaches Bond color theory. There are whole cities underneath Istanbul peopled with Byzantine ghosts. The word of an English gentleman doesn’t mean much. Bond robs a corpse. Bond is tasked with acquiescing to the love of a possible double agent. She ignores her orders to fake love and is frank. He doesn’t because loving off the clock is a real busman’s holiday for him. Bond wants to believe. He sets part of the ocean on fire. The enigma machine remains stolen, probably forever.

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