Goldeneye: Bond Brief



Goldeneye: Wherein Bond is betrayed by a cossack infiltrator in league with a military type lousy with political ambitions and a multiorgasmic pilot aroused by death. His American counterpart has the demeanor of a jaded colonial official. Burdened with having to kill his friend, Bond despairs. Thicknecked Russian gangsters threaten castration.

An unintelligible multitude of goons runs into vast conflagrations, ostensibly out of a kind of stupid loyalty, expressionless. After the wall is dismantled, introspective cold warriors fall into a profound ethical crisis where the void left by former ideological constructs is filled with bundles of, how you say, American dollars? and weary looking women. It proves to be insufficient for some, those filled with… psychic pain.


A manmade lake sends communiqués to a secret satellite orbiting thousands of miles overhead, ready to rain down computer death upon centers of international finance. Villain’s counterwishes come true. Bond almost consummates working relationship with ex-Soviet accomplice atop a field of camouflaged marines, almost goes down to the lover’s well and washes that wound that will not heal.


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