Erich Sez…

This one is of the muhfuin’ charts. I’m just going to recount one scene and you’ll know all you need to about the film.

Ricky’s enemies are crucifying a guy in a the exercise yard of the prison. He fights one of the bosses. The boss temporarily blinds Ricky, then slashes Ricky’s arm open with a knife. Then Ricky is able to get unblind and, using his teeth and uninjured hand, tie a tendon in his arm back together. Then Ricky smacks the boss on the back of the head, which causes an eye to fall out. A bunch of crows eat the eye. Then the boss commits Harry Carey, but it’s a trick because when ricky runs to the boss’s aid, the boss tries to strangle Ricky with some of the intestines that he has just spilled. Rickey escapes and the boss continues fighting as though he had not just disemboweled himself.

How could a battle like this culminate? Ricky punches the boss in the face and the boss dies.

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