Aldous Huxley

TAWP is sniffing glue again…

I don’t want to sound like the supporter of a tyrannical, fascist dictatorship bent on curbing the will of the world into the effervescent paradigm of conformity espoused by the creators of the new world order, BUT, I don’t really think that the world in Brave New World sounds all that bad.

Here’s the thing, aside from using science to co-opt nature, in particular in regards to the birthing methods employed to destroy individuality, and aside from the mental conditioning involved in early youth, a life that is by and large pleasant, carefree, and not consumed with it’s own demise could be viewed as an extraordinary advancement. Then you have the sex and the drugs, and not just any drugs, the best drugs, the kind with no side effects (except shortened life expectancy). I guess I was just so moved by the destruction of conventional, provincial, puritanical morality that has been beaten into our heads since we were children that it occurred to me that Huxley’s point wasn’t really well conveyed. I kept asking myself why our world couldn’t be more like Huxley’s Brave New World? Why must we be monogamous? Could anything be more primitive? More simple minded? Why couldn’t we, the lucky few who have been allowed to witness this pinnacle of modern achievement in terms of civilization, from the tip of the iceberg, from the comfort and the safety of the neurotic and well armed oppressor, the unctuous instigator, live in a state of constant sexual arousal, changing partners like shaking hands, sating our appetites in an ocean of well proportioned lovers.

Would you be willing to give up Shakespeare for that? And Kant? And Jesus? Fuck yeah I would! Would you be willing to give up religion, marriage, and responsible government for it? Why not? We have those things now and all they ever do is let us down, right? Plus, don’t forget, you get to use good drugs. Fuck literature. Fuck film. Fuck criticism. Fuck, then fuck some more, then take some fucking drugs and fucking shut up and be happy. Sounds like a plan to me. Sign me up for some euthanasia by age thirty-five, age forty, who cares? As long as I can fuck hot women and pop acid and XTC until I get there, my life will not have been in vain.

That’s just how I, the pornographer, see the situation. Fuck you if you don’t agree. Stick your head in your fucking Heidegger and wait for the new millennium to come and blow Viagra up your ass with your unisex haircuts and your fucking Blondie compilation albums and your kinder, gentler politics that leave children in Mogadishu starving while your duly “un”elected leaders storm petroleum rich countries demanding regime changes until your stock market swindling heroes and your prostitute fucking church leaders tell you it’s all right to taste cum and to take it in your ass and like it. Yeah, I know, whatever.