Dark Souls Review

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So Dark Souls originally came out in 2011 but I was horrible at it and couldn’t even beat the Bell Tower Gargoyle boss. I logged in about 12 hours of gameplay and then just gave up due to my lack of skill. Since Dark Souls 2 is going to hit soon I decided to jump back on it and give it another shot with the hopes of the game finally clicking for me and me being able to experience it.

Why do you suck so bad? I can beat the Gargoyles blindfolded while using an Atari Jaguar controller. You’re pathetic.

Well, the issue for me seems to be I’m hardwired to play far more aggressively than I should be when playing the game. This isn’t a game where you can just hit the ground running and destroy everything in your path if it’s your first play through, at least not at the start. Which is where I think a lot of peoples problems with Dark Souls comes from. Even the most basic enemies can wreck your day if you go in stupid. This is a game I just couldn’t continue to play if I got frustrated. I couldn’t just muscle my through portions of the game sometimes and it got to me to the point of having to put the game down for a few days. After I forced myself to slow down it all settled in fine.

I bet you died a lot on the bosses. Because you suck.

Like you wouldn’t believe. Ultimately most of the bosses are very easy once you figure them out. Certain bosses I went from doing terrible one fight then killing without even needing to heal up with my estus flask at all. The only fight I ever lucked out on was Ornstein and Smough. It never did feel like I had a handle on that one even with help. I did enjoy getting a huge sense of accomplishment from beating a boss. Like a massive weight was lifted off my chest and I could breathe again. I was the greatest person alive at that moment and nothing could hurt me.

Then you got invaded and it made you cry.

Mostly. The the way the multiplayer is set up great and unique. Turning yourself human allows you to summon other players and NPCs to help out but also leaves you open for an invasion. It’s insanely frustrating to get killed by some guy who just shows up out of blue while you were on your way to a boss but it works. It’s a great feeling to summon a someone to help you out and then beat a boss you had so much trouble with. There’s one NPC named Tarkus that can solo a boss by himself. My personal favorite though, was summoning Solaire to help when he was available. He was such an interesting character compared to everyone else in the game and I really enjoyed having him by my side in battle.

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I murdered him and took his stuff.

Well I saved him. I really liked how the game treats NPCs as disposable characters even if they supply the player with a considerable amount of back story. Most of them are killable but once they are gone that’s it. If they were a merchant whatever they sold is gone for good unless you know where to farm it. Killing some of them will completely lock you out of side quest and even snuff out bonfires so you can’t rest at them anymore. And if you don’t care for them you never have to bother with them.

Like a huge chunk of the game.

Yeah, it’s almost odd how much of this game you can just skip over or never even be aware of. Multiple bosses can even be ignored as well as long you have the proper key ahead of time or find the a different route to where you want to go. A lot of it has to do with how vague the game is in describing stuff out right to you. Even the DLC content can passed over unless you go looking for it and know what item you need to trigger it. The game drops you in a basic tutorial area then flies you off to the main game and allows you to do as you please. You also are never really options of where to go till you get late in the game and have done most of the main quest. If you get stuck you usually always just go do something else that doesn’t hinder your progress. The game really allows you play at your own pace and that’s a huge plus.

Yeah, it’s a great game.

It sure is. I have a a few issues with how the game handles certain things, like jumping, but nothing major. Also don’t care how easy it is for enemies to knock you off to your death sometimes but’s that’s more a personal issue than actual design flaw. There’s some technical issues like the horrible slow down in Blight Town that hurt your experience but that’s the only portion of game where it’s a major problem. Even then I really can’t knock down the score of the game. Dark Souls is worth every penny I paid for it and at this point time you can get cheap it enough to where is should be an instant buy. Fantastic game all around. 9/10