Jenny McCarthy Leaves The View For New Sitcom

Jenny McCarthy Leaves The View

The View star, Jenny McCarthy will be leaving the daytime yack smash to reunite with Jim Carrey for a prime time sitcom, Ruthless Reviews has inadvertently learned while rooting through the former Playboy Bunny’s trash in search of expired medication.

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The shocking move comes in the wake of the new show offering McCarthy more money and a platform to advocate her controversial parenting methods. Though now divorced, McCarthy and Carrey have an autistic child, which they blame on vaccinations. After determining that there was no way to “ankle” the child without taking a PR hit, the couple joined thousands of other lunatics in opposing childhood vaccination. Reached for comment, McCarthy said, “I’m pretty but I burp and stuff and seem sorta smart.”

The show will be based on the hit seventies sitcom, The Brady Bunch. The reboot will carry the name of the star famous for such hits as Once Bitten, The Number 23 and Earth Girls Are Easy. Carrey said of the project, which will use only child actors who have not been vaccinated, “having an autistic kid doesn’t sound so bad at first. But they just keep living and living. I’d rather roll the dice with the other stuff.”



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