Katie Arnoldi

A truly sick tale about an aspiring female bodybuilder, Aurora
Jeanine Johnson, with all the right stuff and an aging degenerate,
Charles Worthington, with a fetish for pumped up women. Set in the 80’s
in Venice Beach California, this novel vacillates between technical
jargon, including lists of illegal pharmaceuticals, and perverted
encounters required of Aurora by Charles in exchange for her training.
Ultimately Chemical Pinkis
a stunning tale of obsession and self-degradation as we watch Aurora’s
metamorphosis from caring, single mother with a dream, to a chiseled,
hypodermic pincushion sex toy for a deranged and pathetic elitist.
Aurora’s sanity reaches the breaking point as she pushes herself past
the boundaries of health, gender, and humanity.

I am warning
you that once you pick this book up, regardless of whether you like
bodybuilding or not, it will become very difficult for you to put it
down. There is something spellbinding about the characterization that
moves the narrative and holds your attention as you read. Buy this book
now. David Fincher, the director of Fight club, Se7en, and Panic Room, has already acquired the rights to make the movie and rumor has it that Chuck Palahniuk,Fight Club, Survivor, Choke,
may be helping with the script. Now if they can get Trent Reznor to do
the soundtrack we’ll be set. [Ed Note: Manny has crappy taste in music]