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The Best Side Quests and Their Full Game Counterparts

Sometimes a side quest is so good that you wish there was more of it in the main game. It could be that the main storyline is so challenging that it’s nice to have a break with something a little more mindless, or it could be that the side quest is so engrossing that you can’t fathom why they didn’t include it more in the main quest. Whichever camp your favorite falls into, here are some of the most popular side quests and some games that you can play that closely mimic them

Zelda is responsible for many of our favorite side quests, but her mounted obstacle course is truly up there with the best ever.

Target Practice, Grand Theft Auto V

All of us can benefit from perfecting our shot, especially those of us who love shoot-em-up formats or stealing other people’s vehicles. If you fall into the latter camp then chances are you have already enjoyed meeting Cletus, a highly armed character in GTAV whose primary interest was making sure you got better at aiming a rifle. For those who haven’t yet, during the Target Practice side quest, you and Cletus will head up to his terrace to shoot satellite dishes, before scaling some of the city’s other buildings to shoot tires and coyotes. Once he’s satisfied with your aim Cletus will invite you out on an elk hunt. If you took great pleasure in the elk-hunting part of GTAV then you might enjoy Let’s Hunt. This browser-based game is completely free and allows you to track and hunt a variety of wild animals in surprisingly detailed locations. Great for those who want to enjoy the thrill of hunting but would rather not actually hurt any real animals. Those who really have a knack for Let’s Hunt can even enter championships that bring together the best virtual hunters from around the world.

The Gambler Side Quest, Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II is famous for its brilliant and varied challenges and side quests, but one that has captured the hearts of many gamers is the Gambler Challenge. The challenges gradually build in difficulty, from winning five hands at poker in total through to winning multiple games of poker in a row. You’ll learn how to play dominoes, five-finger fillet, and blackjack along the way too. Each challenge will take you to the many different saloons, allowing you to meet a bunch of new characters along the way. If you can’t get enough of the RDR2 gambler challenges then you can always take part in some outside of the game. If you’re concerned about depositing money into an online casino site then you can usually find ways to play for free. Currently, Vegas Slots Online has listings of loads of sites offering free spins to new players, meaning that you can play on real money slot machines without parting with any of your own cash. If you decide that you like it then you can look for other deals on the site which will help you get maximum bang for your buck. Just a word of warning though, if five-finger fillet was your favorite Red Dead game, then you’re unlikely to find that at an online casino!

Mounted Obstacle Course, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild There are so many minigames in the Zelda series, but one of the most fiendishly difficult, but deeply satisfying is the mounted obstacle course. This minigame begins with Blynne challenging you to jump over ten obstacles on horseback. It costs 20 rupees for each turn, so you don’t want to be repeating it too many times. The trick here is to either only attempt this challenge once you have the Royal White Stallion, or get used to traveling a little more slowly and only changing direction minimally. Less is more in this game! If you find your inner equestrian shining through whilst playing this minigame then there are quite a few browser based games that will help you recreate the fun. However, for a better experience, Riding Club Championships is a free to play game that is available to download on Steam. The graphics are better than many of the free online versions and there’s room for your skills to progress too. You can compete in tournaments, chat with other players and build the skills of your horse to take on more complex courses.