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Habits Of Smart Online Casino Players Pig (2021) The Mule The Odd Couple (1968) Ten Memorable Acts Of Violence In Movies

Habits Of Smart Online Casino Players

Most online casino games are based around luck, meaning that isn’t usually any way to change the odds in your favor. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t affect your rate of success. As with anything in life, the luckiest people make their own luck, by employing the right strategies and habits to minimize their […]

Pig (2021)

Pig is almost certainly not the movie you’re expecting it to be. I know it wasn’t the one I was expecting. On paper it sounds like yet another of the winking, high-concept Nicolas Cage Vehicles™ that have made up the majority of his 21st century output, the story of a reclusive former chef hunting down […]

The Mule

(A tirade in the form of a movie review) Based on a true story. Clint Eastwood plays Earl Stone, a nonagenarian down on his luck. Lucky enough to be alive but homeless and broke at age 90. The internet played havoc on his flower business. He is estranged from his family. The times have no […]

Esports Puts On Virtual Show For International Olympic Committee

Esports wants a piece of the Olympic pie and they aren’t shy about acknowledging that fact. When it comes to lobbying the International Olympic Committee in order to convince the powers that be of how esports is the future of sports and therefore the future of the Olympics, esports leaders are leaving no stone unturned. […]

The Odd Couple (1968)

The Odd Couple is a classic comedy from another time, a different era, no, another planet. It was not violent or vulgar and men wore coats and ties, even to poker games. None of this is what really sets this movie apart from today’s fare. The difference is great acting, banter and dialogue that is […]

Ten Memorable Acts Of Violence In Movies

Growing up in 1980’s Britain with the video nasties scare, I implicitly absorbed movie violence was bad and if I watched enough I’d eventually take an axe to random passersby. Now while this proved unfortunately true in my case, most people remain unaffected. In fact, someone like you has probably already forgotten hundreds, if not […]

Terminator Salvation (2009)

“Terminator: Salvation” – Eff yeah. My original review of Terminator: Salvation was written in 2010. I’d like to believe my writing has gotten a lot better since then, but I’m biased. As it turns out, Goat discovered that nobody had reviewed Terminator: Salvation over at Ruthless Reviews, so I volunteered my review. But first, I […]

Top 10 Movies Not To Watch Before…

Some movies are so bland they pretty much leave your head as the end credits roll. Others contain such unnerving scenes… like the opening of Jaws … that they are never forgotten. The horrifying death of that helpless skinny dipper is the perfect example of how a movie can worm its way into your brain […]

Black Widow (2021)

“Black Widow” – Back up a step. Not even a pandemic can stop Marvel. Even with the delayed movie releases, Marvel seemed to be ready for any contingency. WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki have filled in the movie/television schedule that has otherwise been a giant void of nothing. Now, with things opening […]

The Tomorrow War

The sun’ll come out tomorrow Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow There’ll be sun Just thinkin’ about tomorrow Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow ‘Til there’s none Director Charles McKay and writer Zach Dean slathered on the sunblock for this shlock, with the inspired title of The Tomorrow War. (A personal note: This humble […]

Werewolves Within (2021)

1 Hr 37 minutes, R for hands getting chewed off. Fair Value of Werewolves Within: -$4.00. “I feel like I’m trapped in a bad dinner theater murder mystery, and they’re not letting me leave.”- this quote, uttered by one of the characters, completely embodies the experience of this film. From the Uwe Boll School of […]

F9: The Fast Saga

“F9” – Dumb a thousand times. F9 is one the dumbest movies I have ever seen. It was so dumb, rather than waste brain cells and precious time thinking about this travesty, I considered just writing the word “dumb” one thousand times and calling it a review. That is what this movie deserves. But, the […]

Phenomena (1985)

1 Hr 56 minutes, rated R for Giallo levels of gore WARNING: This film isn’t quite as hard core as a Fulci film, but it does definitely go there, both in terms of gore, ugly mutilation, and decomposition. If you can’t stand maggots you may very well want to skip that particular Argento film. Fair […]

The Art of Darkness: Apocalypse Now & Full Metal Jacket

“War is hell,” the cliche’ proclaims, but it seems to be entertaining hell. Along with other ghastly subjects such as murder and vampirism, war ranks among the most popular and commonly used subject matter of filmed entertainment, and no war has yielded more or better films than the one in Vietnam between 1955 and 1975. […]

Handy Tips To Make Most Out Of Your Casino Routine

Gambling is one of the most thrilling activities out there. If you are into gambling, casinos are the place you want to be. Nothing beats chilling with your friends, placing bets, and living in the moment. However, as a newbie, you can find yourself a little off-course while walking into a casino for the first […]

Land-Based Or Online Casinos-Which To Choose?

Land-based or online casino: which to choose? With the inception of online casinos, playing classic games changed forever. Casino sites took the concept of land-based casinos, and offered it to their players whenever and wherever they chose to play.  Online casinos have come a long way since their humble beginnings, but so have land-based establishments, […]

What To Know About Dog Treats

When it comes to delivering cannabis plant advantages to their pets, 60% of pet parents opt for cannabidiol dog treats. Why is this so? Well, it’s easy to administer, and dog owners may use it for behavioral training. It’s also tasty for all kinds of furry best pals. Is it possible for things to get […]