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Dumb Money Ruthless Reviews Website My Big Fat Greek Wedding #3 Review of Melbet App – Safe and Secure Betting App for Indian Players Profitable Cricket Betting Sites That Are Highly Sought

Dumb Money

“Dumb Money” – Cha-ching! People love to fantasize about striking it rich in various ways. Winning the lottery, nailing the parlay at the track, becoming a YouTube star, or inheriting a fortune from cranky old Aunt Ethyl after she falls into a pile of fur coats and suffocates to death. What’s that? Aunt Ethyl is […]

Ruthless Reviews Website

Ruthless Reviews is undergoing a much-needed upgrade and renovation. This should be finished soon, I hope. The site will be more secure and as bad-ass as ever. Thanks in advance for your support and patience.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding #3

Everyone has that relative who loves nothing more than to set up a slide show for two hours of show-and-tell about their recent trip to Baton Rouge. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 was a lot like that slide show… [TV suddenly shuts off the football game mid-third-quarter] Aunt Nia: [Sets down remote control] Ok […]

The Onion Field

There is a certain sensibility to many 1970s Hollywood dramas, a style that has been imitated but rarely truly achieved in any subsequent era, a nihilistic feeling of doom and hopelessness that pervades at least until the sunshine beam of hope cracks through the darkness in the final scene (or not). It’s a blessing that […]

The ABC’s Of Prostitution

Adult Services: Whether using a phone book or website, it’s a dead end to look for any other term. Some phone books have removed the section altogether, preferring “Adult Entertainment” to legally cover stripping, basement/garage modeling, jumping out of cakes, and the like. “Services,” on the other hand, ensures the exchange of sex for money, […]

Striking Distance

Tagline:  They shouldn’t have put him in the water, if they didn’t want him to make waves.  Entire Story In Fewer Words Than Are In This Sentence:  All Cops Are Bastards, Except Willis.  Homoeroticism:  Much like “Dirty” Harry Callahan before him, and unlike the homoerotic heroes we know and love from classics like Commando or […]

Grand Turismo

“Gran Turismo” – Nerds…in…raaAaAAaaaAaaace. Every video gamer dreams of playing video games as a career profession. I once seriously considered applying for a job as a video game tester that listed among its requirements a “deep knowledge of baseball.” My childhood dream was to become a professional baseball player and a job playing a baseball […]

The 7 Types of Addicts You Meet Working in a Pharmacy

I Spilled My Meds Down the Sink (odd how this never happens with antibiotics), My Meds Got Stolen, You Must Have Miscounted,

The Last Voyage Of The Demeter

“The Last Voyage of the Demeter” – Batman begins. The following is a series of entries from a critic’s log. 9 Aug, 7:15 pm – While searching for my seat, I am surrounded by groups of people dressed as if it is Halloween. They are not dressed in the cheap outfits found at certain Halloween […]

Barbie (2023)

Full disclosure: I love Greta Gerwig. Lady Bird makes me ugly-cryface with gratitude every time I watch it. Her version of Little Women was revelatory and infuriatingly perfect (a writer yet to sell a screenplay notes). She was and is the perfect choice for the project, and when you factor in that longtime partner Noah […]

Review of Melbet App – Safe and Secure Betting App for Indian Players

Description: Looking for a safe and secure betting app? Melbet is an excellent choice for Indian bettors, boasting advanced encryption technology to keep customer data secure, Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure fairness and 24/7 customer support. Plus, you can take advantage of generous bonuses and promotions – all in the Indian Rupee currency. Discover […]

Profitable Cricket Betting Sites That Are Highly Sought

Description: Are you seeking a reliable betting site in Bangladesh? Trying to determine which factors to look for? Unsure of where to find the most alluring promotional rewards? Look no further – this article has it all! We’ve gathered important information about the top online cricket betting sites in India.  Introduction to Online Cricket Betting […]

Betjungle Casino India Review – Bonuses – Games – Register

Description: Are you in search of the perfect platform for online betting? Betjungle Casino India is the place to check out! Our article will provide all the essential details about this unique platform, complete with its modern mobile application.  Introduction to Betjungle Casino India  A safe and secure online betting site is what you’re looking […]