• Scream (2022)
  • The Tender Bar
  • Blaxploitation #7: Trick Baby (1972)
  • Never Take Sweets (a.k.a. Candy) from a Stranger (1960)
  • My Year in Movies – 2021 Edition – Second. Worst. Year. Ever.
Scream (2022) The Tender Bar Blaxploitation #7: Trick Baby (1972) Never Take Sweets (a.k.a. Candy) from a Stranger (1960) My Year in Movies – 2021 Edition – Second. Worst. Year. Ever.

Scream (2022)

I know what you’re thinking- isn’t this Scream 5? I’m obligated to tell you that the official title of this movie is Scream. Yes, it is confusing. Yes, it is indeed the fifth movie in the Scream franchise and, yes, the other sequels did indeed have numbers in their titles. I actually thought this new […]

The Tender Bar

The Tender Bar is a movie that is based on the blockbuster best-seller by J.R. Moehringer, published in 2005. This book contains the memoirs of J.R. and his experiences growing up with a struggling single mom, while chasing an elusive father, known only to him as a voice in the radio. This great best-seller is […]

Blaxploitation #7: Trick Baby (1972)

What the hell are these cats up to? White Folks (Martin) and Blue Howard (Stewart) are two Philadelphian hustlers. Blue’s black and a lot older, having taught Folks the tricks of the trade. I guess it’s important to know Folks is a trick baby, the product of a brief (and no doubt delightful) union between […]

Never Take Sweets (a.k.a. Candy) from a Stranger (1960)

Some movies are way ahead of their time. Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom is a good example, a voyeuristic horror pic centering on a serial killer filming his victims’ last moments while stabbing them through the throat. People just weren’t ready for that kind of sicko shit in 1960, the revulsion apparently resulting in the revered […]

My Year in Movies – 2021 Edition – Second. Worst. Year. Ever.

Well, we made it through another year. I think. It’s hard to tell. 2021 sure felt a lot like 2020. Maybe not quite the rotten asshole of a year that was 2020, but a lot of people sure tried hard to make it as bad. The Covid pandemic has now entered the fourth major infection […]

She (1965)

Do you have a favorite little movie that somehow doesn’t get the recognition it deserves? You know, a flick that’s pretty much always met with scorn, lukewarm reviews and general disdain. Year after year you keep expecting the love to materialize, especially as there are so many filmgoers out there gushing over what can only […]

A Handful of 90s British Classics

The nineties was the last great decade for movies. Here we had the likes of Goodfellas, Unforgiven, Pulp Fiction, Thelma and Louise, Fargo, Se7en, Silence of the Lambs and Schindler’s List while (as detailed below) those Limey bastards also coughed up a good few belters. Yes, terrific movies still get made post-2000 (e.g. Requiem for […]

The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Outlaw Josey Wales is not just another Clint Eastwood revenge movie, but a unique Western that focuses on the continuing violence, hate and treachery following the American Civil War. Josey Wales is minding his own business as a sod-buster when a bevy of Yankee Redlegs unexpectedly show up to torch his spread and kill […]

Starring debuts #10: Bo Derek in 10 (1979)

Bo Derek is actually rated a Spinal Tap-esque 11 in this successful sex comedy but that still might be underscoring her. She looks sensational here and it’s not hard to see why George Webber (Moore) gets hit by an Apollonian thunderbolt as he mundanely waits in his open top Roller at a Californian stop sign. […]

The Matrix Resurrections

Way back in 1999, the idea of a Matrix sequel was a no-brainer. Neo had just destroyed Agent Smith, warned the artificial intelligence that he was going to set everyone’s minds free, and flew off into the sky like Superman. Four years later, the two-part sequels released and were a bit of a letdown, to […]

Blaxploitation #6: The Black Gestapo (1975)

What the hell are these cats up to? Rape and castration, mainly. General Ahmed (Perry) has started an inner-city People’s Army in south LA to improve everyday black life and tackle pressing issues like drug addiction. However, he runs into big trouble with the Mob, leading him to grant permission for his deputy Colonel Kojah […]

Pliers, Pussies & the Enduring Class of John Vernon

In the flat blaxploitation parody I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, baddie John Vernon prickles at the insinuation that playing an exploitation villain is beneath him. “Lots of famous people have done exploitation movies,” he tells the hero before listing the likes of Shelley Winters and Angie Dickinson. OK, mate, fair point, but I doubt you […]

5 Inspirational Movies For Writers and Authors

5 Inspirational Movies For Writers and Authors We used to think that writers are the source of inspiration for many people as they can read about the similar life experiences of the authors and find the right answers to their questions. However, we miss one little thing – writers are common people just like readers […]