• Dulce et Decorum Est… Nah, War Can Be Fun!
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  • The Eyes Of Tammy Faye
  • How to Apply for a New Zealand Passport Online
  • Eight Wince-Inducing Moments in Movies*
Dulce et Decorum Est… Nah, War Can Be Fun! Intertops Online Casino bonuses 2021 by CasinoBonusTips.com The Eyes Of Tammy Faye How to Apply for a New Zealand Passport Online Eight Wince-Inducing Moments in Movies*

Dulce et Decorum Est… Nah, War Can Be Fun!

On balance, any serious examination of World War Two would have to conclude the Nazis were a tad uncouth, disagreeable even. And yet without their naughty goose-stepping antics across Germany and the rest of Europe, moviedom would be immeasurably poorer. So sure, sixty-odd million people lost their lives during humanity’s worst ever quarrel, but the […]

Intertops Online Casino bonuses 2021 by CasinoBonusTips.com

INTRODUCTION Ever since online casinos came into existence, the convenience that comes with them has made people visit several online casinos. And out of the numerous casinos, some are worthy of note and Intertops casino is one of these casinos. Intertops casino was created in 1996. The casino is only accessible in English language and […]

The Eyes Of Tammy Faye

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” – Sweet Jesus. Up until a month ago, my exposure to televangelism consisted of two experiences. The first, and recurring weekly, was sitting in the church parking lot after Sunday mass trying to get reception on the little TV in our family van while my parents were at some adult […]

How to Apply for a New Zealand Passport Online

Why stand in long lines for your official proof of ID, when you could speed up the process by submitting an online application for your first New Zealand passport or a renewal. It doesn’t take long to receive your document, a standard procedure only lasts 10 days. But firstly, you should learn what information to […]

Eight Wince-Inducing Moments in Movies*

Sew Tough! I was about fourteen when I first caught First Blood on home video, the perfect age to vicariously revel in such macho histrionics. Immediately afterwards, I ran outside, knocked the first motorcyclist I saw to the ground, and headed off for the woods at breakneck speed with an imaginary entire police force hot […]

Theater Of Blood (1973)

Do you have a mantra that helps you get through life’s darker moments? You know, something that enables you to cope with the searing knowledge that dreams don’t come true and you’ll instead have to settle for second, third or fourth best as you crawl unfulfilled toward your grave. I cling to the insight of […]

Cool Hand Luke

“A natural born world-shaker“ Paul Newman has always been in the top tier of the greatest actors of all time. He is certainly in the company of actors like Peter O’Toole, Daniel-Day Lewis, Jack Nicholson, Richard Burton and Sidney Portier. His accomplishments as a beer drinker, race car driver, blue-eyed sex symbol and actor are […]

Cuties (Mignonnes)

Francois Truffaut famously stated: “There is no such thing as an anti-war film.”  In essence, what he was getting at is that any subject, when filmed and put on screen for viewers, inherently becomes glamorized and entertaining, and the filmmaker is therefore unavoidably subverted into creating entertainment out of the very thing which they set […]

Cruising (1980)

I once backpacked in Hanoi and happened to walk past a public toilet to see one of the little locals loitering near the entrance. Certain he’d caught my eye, he proceeded to unzip and begin wanking. Slightly taken aback (while trying to hang onto the old adage Travel broadens the mind) I looked around to […]


Fresh off another round of treatment – not the noble, heroic, radiator treatment… but, you know, the other kind, I’ve been ruminating on a number of things. Specifically, regrets. Ways I’ve hurt others. Or, as those who have made to higher levels of Grand Theft Suboxone than me, the 9th Step. In most rehabs, addicts […]

Targets (1968)

Back in Dear Old Blighty in 87 when I was a cherubic-faced schoolboy half-mesmerized by Tracey Sharpe’s swaying pigtails, a jobless loner in a nearby market town killed his mum, burned their house down and strolled around with an arsenal of high-powered weaponry slaughtering whoever he could find. Ho hum. Guess we all have days […]

Come And See (1985)

World War 2 was a horrific event. The figures are not exact, but reliable estimates put the total civilian and military dead at around 60 million people. The total dead in World War 1 was between 15-22 million people. Yes, it can easily be seen that war sucks and is bad for your health, especially […]

5 Best USA Online Gambling Sites 2021 Reviewed

Image Source: Pixabay America’s love affair with online gambling is still in its early stages, and yet already there are more casino sites and brands in this marketplace than you can reasonably be expected to try out for yourself. If you are struggling to choose a legitimate online casino operator, this overview of the best […]


The practice of betting on ponies originated in 17th century England under King James I’s reign, and later the tradition was welcomed by countries like Hong Kong and Australia. Interestingly, statistics prove that 5.9% of Australian adults take part in horse racing betting every year. In 2015, around $310 million was bet on the Melbourne […]