The ABCs of Basketball

Basketball is one of the most-watched sports globally, with almost 7.5 million viewers watching the latest NBA finals. The game is simple enough for anyone to enjoy, but it is a sport with a lot of jargon, hence this ABC guide to basketball. Alley Oop – An alley oop is one of the most exciting […]

Three Of The Biggest Questions We Need Answered In Peaky Blinders Series 6

Film Title

Peaky Blinders


A gangster family epic set in England in the 1900s


Cillian Murphy
Paul Anderson
Helen McCrory
Sophie Rundle
Finn Cole
Ned Dennehy

Peaky Blinders makes its big return on the BBC in early 2022. It has been a long wait for fans of the huge drama based on the gang from Birmingham, as the season five finale aired way back in September 2019. Fans have been forced to wait for over two years to see what happens […]

Best Horror Movies About College Students

What can be scarier than watching a horror movie about students being actually a student? Well, today there is no problem with selecting what to watch when you gather with your friends on the weekends or after a hard studying day on campus.  The year of release does not matter at all as it doesn’t […]

6 Best Video Games That Were Originally Books

Modern video games take inspiration from a huge variety of sources, but you may not know that many of your favourite games were actually books first. There’s lots of titles out there that are adaptations of, or have taken inspiration from, some of the most famous books out there. Here are some of the best […]

Top Science Movies And Documentaries For Students

The combination of science and cinematography is amazing. It allows people to relive the past, see the future, fly to the edge of the universe, and dive into the deepest cleft in the ocean for a while. Furthermore, such films significantly broaden people’s knowledge and pique students’ interest in studying. Which films should you watch […]

How to choose the best sim only plans

SIM only plans are becoming more and more popular in Singapore. This is because they are cheaper and also give them the flexibility to switch plans as they wish because they are not tied to a long-term contract. However, the choice that you make when you choose the SIM only plan will determine whether you […]

Intertops Online Casino bonuses 2021 by

INTRODUCTION Ever since online casinos came into existence, the convenience that comes with them has made people visit several online casinos. And out of the numerous casinos, some are worthy of note and Intertops casino is one of these casinos. Intertops casino was created in 1996. The casino is only accessible in English language and […]

How to Apply for a New Zealand Passport Online

Why stand in long lines for your official proof of ID, when you could speed up the process by submitting an online application for your first New Zealand passport or a renewal. It doesn’t take long to receive your document, a standard procedure only lasts 10 days. But firstly, you should learn what information to […]

5 Best USA Online Gambling Sites 2021 Reviewed

Image Source: Pixabay America’s love affair with online gambling is still in its early stages, and yet already there are more casino sites and brands in this marketplace than you can reasonably be expected to try out for yourself. If you are struggling to choose a legitimate online casino operator, this overview of the best […]


The practice of betting on ponies originated in 17th century England under King James I’s reign, and later the tradition was welcomed by countries like Hong Kong and Australia. Interestingly, statistics prove that 5.9% of Australian adults take part in horse racing betting every year. In 2015, around $310 million was bet on the Melbourne […]