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Things to keep in mind when choosing an energy supplier

Energy companies and third-party suppliers offer a variety of incentives, pricing models, payment options, and other services designed to meet your needs. Contact multiple providers and compare deals before choosing the one that’s right for you. You can use this company to compare energy prices in your local region and find the best utility rates to save big on your monthly bills.

1. New activation, supplier change, takeover or transfer?

Before you start comparing electricity offers, you need to consider that not all tariffs are available for each category of contract. Those who want to activate a supply for the first time, will not be able to choose certain exclusive offers for those who want to change their supplier. Likewise, some highly publicized offers on TV are only available for new activation. 
As such, be sure to do ample research so that you can save a ton of money on your electricity bills in the long run. More so, it’ll be helpful to start by finding out tariffs meaning if you’re still relatively new to this topic.

2. Know the annual consumption in kWh

The key parameter for choosing the most suitable electricity offer is the annual consumption in kWh. Some light tariffs of the free market are convenient for families with high energy consumption but at a surcharge for those who consume little electricity, and vice versa. Your annual consumption is usually reported on electricity bills. According to a report, the average household consumption of energy in a UK household is about 4000 kWh. 

3. The distribution of consumption and bi-hourly rates

A category of bi-hourly light tariffs is available on the free market, that is, which provide for different costs depending on the time when electricity is consumed. The bi-hourly rates are convenient for those who spend most of the day away from home, or for those who manage to move most of their consumption (at least 75%) in the subsidized hours. By doing so, you can take advantage of lower costs and reduce your electricity bill.

If there is someone at home during the day, or your consumption is in any case high, we advise you not to choose a bi-hourly rate, opting instead for a classic one-hour rate.

4. Environmental protection and green tariffs

If you care about the environment, but you are not able to install a photovoltaic or solar thermal system, you can still activate a green tariff and thus contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

These green tariffs from cheap light company in Texas are available for classic electricity supplies, without having to modify the systems. Simply, the electricity that you will use with these offers comes exclusively from renewable sources.

If you are not interested in renewable energy and instead want to save as much as possible, we advise you not to choose a green tariff, since it involves a higher price. 

5. Read the contract carefully

We want to stress the importance of reading the contract carefully before signing it, although it may take some time.

Most of the complaints and controversies that are read on the web are made by users who have skipped this step because everything they often complain about was written on the contract they signed.