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Charity Streams: How Gamers Can Play for a Cause

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Charity Streams: How Gamers Can Play for a Cause

In 2021, there were an estimated 7.5 million active streamers across the globe, and that statistic is expected to grow for a variety of reasons. Many of these users come for entertainment. Others go for the opportunity to build lifelong skills. For novice or experienced streamers alike, however, streaming also provides a platform to interact with a community and spread positivity.

Because of this reasoning, charity streaming has become increasingly popular across several platforms.

If you’re passionate about a specific charity or cause, a charity stream is a fantastic way to raise money and awareness. There are a lot of moving parts to consider, from which charity to support to donation flow and viewers. 

It’s also easier to do than you might think. With a little preparation and a few helpful tips, you can combine your passion for gaming and streaming with your desire to help a cause in need. 

Choose Your Charity

Choosing the right charity or cause to support should be your first order of business. While it’s important to choose a charity you’re passionate about, you should also consider what your followers are into. Do people already know your interests and passions online? If so, it’s worth it to stick with a charity that speaks up to those passions. 

Once you have a charity in mind, make sure to let everyone know your plan and why you’re supporting them. People need to know exactly where their money will be going and how it will be spent. You’re donating your time by setting up the event, promoting a cause, and streaming your gameplay, but others will be donating their money. They need to know how those donations will work and what they’re supporting.

Even if you don’t have thousands of followers on your streams, promoting certain charities is a great way to connect and engage with your existing fans and draw in new viewers. You might also be able to get your friends and family members interested in gaming if you choose a charity they’re passionate about, too.

Your priority should be “the more the merrier” when it comes to how many people donate to your stream. So, try to choose a charity that speaks to many people.

Promote Your Stream

If you already have plenty of followers on streaming platforms like Twitch, promote your upcoming event weeks ahead of time. Every time you go live, talk about the event before you start playing. Post about it as often as possible on your platform. 

If you want to draw in new viewers, utilize social media. 

For example, creating a Facebook event is a great way to draw attention to your stream. By letting people know the time, place (streaming platform), and what to expect, they’ll be reminded periodically before the actual event occurs, and the event itself could be shared with multiple people without you having to do any extra work. 

It’s also important to let people know what to expect from your stream in your promotional efforts. It should feel like a special event, rather than the type of stream you do every week. Things that can help it to stand out include

  • Special guests;
  • A longer streaming window;
  • Custom graphics;
  • Donation thermometers.

The bottom line when it comes to promoting your event is that you need to go big or go home. If you want to raise as much money as possible, you need to advertise your stream like it’s your own personal Super Bowl. 

Make It Fun and Interactive

You’ve promoted as much as possible. You have everything set up. You’re ready to log on and start gaming. 

But, have you thought about what your viewers will do during the stream? 

Remember, you want to make as much money as possible. That requires people to stick around. However, many viewers aren’t going to do that if there isn’t some type of incentive.

Make your charity stream as interactive as possible by setting goals at the beginning. Let your viewers know what those goals are and how they can help you achieve them. 

You can also talk about milestones, which can help to drive your donations. Give your viewers “rewards” when you hit certain goals or milestones. For example, if you hit $5000, offer to shave your head or eat your least favorite food on camera. It’s entertaining, harmless, and you might be surprised by how much people are willing to give for the simplest of incentives. 

While you might be a little distracted with gaming during your stream, don’t forget to interact both with the chat and by thanking people who make donations. A small, personalized shout-out can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated. 

With the right charity, promotion, and a desire to give back, your first charity stream can be a success. Keep these suggestions in mind as you get started, and you can take pride in knowing you’re doing something good for a cause that’s important to you.