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Gaming Industry Legends: Documentaries Available on Roku

With the increasing popularity of esports and gaming, the world of filmmakers and investigative journalists has embraced the opportunity to shed light on this captivating phenomenon through the medium of documentaries. This article aims to highlight some of the most remarkable esports documentaries and gaming documentaries available on Roku.

#1 The Art of Street Fighting

The Art of Street Fighting is a captivating documentary that focuses on the prominent figures in the Street Fighter V community, specifically targeting Capcom enthusiasts. It features interviews with renowned players like Luffy, Xiao Hai, Tokido, Gamerbee, and the legendary Daigo, as they prepare for the intense Red Bull Kumite tournament. The film sheds light on the mental and physical challenges, intense rivalries, and behind-the-scenes drama, including memorable moments like NuckleDu’s teabagging incident. Explore the world of elite Street Fighter players and uncover the dedicated effort it takes to reach the top.

#2 Wreck or Get Rekt

Americans ThatDemoGuy and Quinton engage in intense verbal sparring as two rival fighting game players, competing for ultimate bragging rights in this film. The characters’ trash-talk mirrors that of Street Fighter, yet takes it even further. Unlike the packed arenas of Red Bull Kumite, their match-ups unfold in lively cafes and boisterous backrooms, reminiscent of the game’s arcade roots.

The entire gaming industry revolves around professional gamers and game developers. Their lives are not nearly as boring as those who have no idea about gaming culture think. You can stream documentaries about gaming legends on Roku and get to know their stories better. The only caveat is that you may need a VPN on Roku to unblock documentaries on streaming platforms.

#3 Indie Game: The Movie

Games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Final Fantasy 7 Remake need a team of developers and a budget in the hundreds of millions. On the other hand, independent games are created with much less, often by only a few individuals, or even just one. Indie Game: The Movie captures the determination, passion, and resilience of indie developers. This acclaimed documentary is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

#4 Console Wars

This feature-length documentary delves into the intense clash of the early ’90s when Sega challenged Nintendo’s dominance in the gaming market, as detailed in Blake J. Harris’ insightful 2014 book. Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario went head-to-head, while aggressive advertising battles fought for attention, and the censorship controversy surrounding Mortal Kombat turned bloody. It evokes nostalgia for those who experienced it and offers a fascinating tale for those who didn’t.

Console Wars introduces a colorful cast of characters from the video game industry of yesteryear, with a notable focus on Tom Kalinske, former CEO of Sega of America, who also orchestrated the revival of He-Man and Barbie for Mattel. Currently, the only way to watch this documentary is by subscribing to Paramount Plus, starting at just $5 per month. Plus you’ll need VeePN if you don’t live in the US. This service will help you bypass Paramount’s regional restrictions.

#5 The King Of Kong: A Fistful Of Quarters

This film truly has it all: an emotional core, a gripping account of the early ’80s arcade era, a cast of likable subjects, and a classic David-vs-Goliath plot. In 2007, Seth Gordon directed King of Kong, a documentary that centers around a group of passionate arcade enthusiasts and record holders. Among them are Restauranteur “elite” Billy Mitchell and underdog Steve Wiebe.

Both individuals compete fiercely for the title of top-score champion in arcade games, with a special focus on the grueling classic, Donkey Kong. The story intensifies when Wiebe surpasses Mitchell’s long-held top score on an arcade machine in his garage, though not without stirring “controversy”. The film follows Wiebe’s journey as he strives to “break through this empire,” attending gaming events and pushing himself to achieve a recognized top score.

#6 Unfold

Hunter, a member of CS:GO team G2, shares his extraordinary journey on the latest episode of Unfold. From his humble beginnings in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina to becoming the player he is today, Hunter reveals how it all began at his parent’s internet cafe. Supported by his cousin and now teammate Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač, Hunter introduces the influential friends and family who continue to inspire him.

Final Words

The eSports universe is one of the most highly competitive niches. Endless training, epic competitions, the behind-the-scenes life of professional gamers – this is what many documentaries could be made about. This is exactly what big companies have done to make you aware of legendary players, the path of gaming development and other interesting facts related to the gaming industry.