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Have NetEnt Managed to Stay Ahead in the Battle to be the Best Casino Software Provider?

When you’re an industry leader who has been handed awards, its fair to say you’re on your way to becoming a seriously trusted brand. When it comes to the iGaming industry, becoming a big player means becoming one of the go-to names for consumers wanting a quick break from the monotony of passing your lunch break at work, or finding a much-needed escape when you’re traveling!

What you could also suggest, rightly or wrongly, is that a company winning awards back in 2014 and one of the first to get on-board with touchscreen gaming back in 2011 could be found guilty of resting deservedly on their laurels. When it comes to NetEnt games, these fears seem to be entirely unfounded. In fact, the software provider is still working with big names like Mr. Green, and its Touch platform (its mobile gaming software) is still winning awards despite being created in 2011, with updates and enhancements being pushed to market all the time.

What Do NetEntFocus On?

With NetEnt now a global company, available in a range of countries including the recently renamed Czech Republic (which has been called Czechia since the middle of 2016, though Google hasn’t quite updated this when you search for Czechia!), and continuing to innovate to ensure its customers can take advantage of the latest ways to make their games stand out (like this recent widget update), the company has its fingers in an awful lot of pies.

The software provider has a reputation of being one of the best slot game providers in the market and, in an age where pick up and play gaming is massively on the rise, it seems like an increasingly important part of the iGaming world for companies to be involved in. Having this status as a big player in the world of slots has enabled them to create licensed games featuring rock stars like Guns N’ Roses as well as Jimi Hendrix, alongside a range of other diverse themes, the like of which smaller providers are able to achieve.

Are they Forward-focused in the Casino World?

As gamers smartphones and smartphone connections continue to improve and allow them to play more and more exciting games on their devices, NetEnt has realized that mobile gamers still want to enjoy the more traditional desktop-based live casino games. Indeed, the company offers not just slots and quick play games but also classic ones like baccarat and even single player bingo for those who are huge fans of these games.

By having an offering that is wide-reaching and well-recognized, it is clear that, if you fancy killing some time at a mobile casino, picking one that offers NetEntgames is a surefire way to make sure that you are not only going to be playing on an award-winning piece of software but one that is up to date and runs smoothly and seamlessly on your mobile device.