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Online Slot Machines Players Can’t Help But Play

I decided to set myself a challenge, that being trying to work out which are the most popular and therefore the most played online slot machines, but also discover why they get so much attention from players too.

One person I did chat to was Stephen from best sister sites who knows all there is to know about online slot machines and where to play them, and he showed me lots of facts and figures that made my quest to discover the best slot games so much easier.

He did however alert me to the fact that some online slot machines are part of a series of slots, meaning there are several of them that all share a similar theme, playing structure and often have a similar set of features and bonus games too, and it is the Buffalo series of slots from Aristocrat that do grab players attention the most.

Those slots are designed in such a way that they deliver to players a highly volatile type of gaming experience, so players do need to be lucky when they are playing them, if not then they will find their bankroll soon gets decimated.

However, thanks in no small part to a set of free spins which each of those slots can award players, via the base game, there are some huge amounts of cash to be won.

So do be on the lookout for those Buffalo slot games from Aristocrat, for if you are aware of the risks, they can and often do deliver a very exciting type of slot playing experience. 

There is a slot that goes by the name of the Book of Dead and that is another current popular slot machine, thanks to a set of reel symbols which come into play during its free spin’s bonus round.

One symbol is selected to become that special symbol at random before the awarded free spins are played off, and when they spin in on one or more reels they will expand and over the reels in those symbols. You will find several book of dead casinos are available online, if you fancy giving that slot a whirl. 

I really would suggest you take a look at the next most popular series of online slots, those being the Megaways slot games, for if you want to ensure you have the maximum number of ways to win when playing slot games online, you will not be disappointed.

What makes any Megaways slot exciting to play is that they have six reels usually but spread across those reels can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of ways to win, instead of there being just a small number of pay lines as you will find on some of the much more standard slot machines.

It all boils down to how many in-view reel symbols are randomly chosen to come into play when you click the start button, and as long as you have a set of matching reel symbols on consecutive reels, starting with the first reel then you will have them covered by those ways to win.

Much like many other slot machines, the bonus games are where the huge payouts can be achieved, and each Megaways slot will offer some form of bonus game, many of those slots also let you be guaranteed of triggering that bonus game, if you are prepared to pay a much higher cost per spin.

Winning a life changing jackpot is what every single slot player will have dreamed of at one time or another, and that could become a reality if you play the next most popular slot games online, those being any of the Mega Moolah series of slot from Microgaming.

There are several reasons why players enjoy playing those particular slot games, one being they all tend to offer a different playing structure, each comes with its own theme and bonus games too.

But it is the way that any player, no matter whether they are playing for high or even tiny stake levels, could trigger the progressive jackpot awarding wheel spinning bonus game completely at random.

When they do, they have to spin the bonus wheel that is divided up into different segments, each one containing the logo of one of the four live progressive jackpots, and whichever segment stops opposite the win arrow is the one they then instantly win.

The newer slots that offer the Lightning Link bonus feature are also proving to be hugely popular with online players, so much so many other slot game designers and copying the format of that bonus game and adding them onto their new slot machines and tweaking them ever so slightly so that they are not a blatant rip off of those bonus games, and giving those bonus features a slightly different name of course.