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Other Casino Games You Can Place A Bet Online Aside from Sports

I know you love sports betting. Aside from it giving you a chance to win big money, it can also be entertaining and a lot of fun. When your team wins the tournament, it will provide you with a deep sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, there are also a lot of websites like 88bet that guide both novice and beginners in sports betting to increase their chance of winning. If you are from Down Under, there is gambling online in Australia, too, as well as pokies in New Zealand

Websites like these update the players with the latest sports news, bonuses, tournaments, and other promotions online. There are also sites like Lucky Creek Casino no deposit bonus codes.

But do you know that aside from sports there are also other games you bet online?

You read that right. Nowadays, there are hundreds of multiplatform sportsbooks out there offering several types of casino games. Like sports betting, these games also allow you to win real cash. If you want to try something new, the following are the games that can spice up your betting experience online. There is one great site for online betting NZ, in New Zealand

Online slot games 

If you don’t like complicated games, then online slot machines might be the best for you. Slots online are considered one of the simplest games online. To win real money, you just need to click the spin button and hope that a winning combination land on your reels. Depending on the value of the symbols, you can win a very good amount.

To make the game more interesting, slot developers also added several game features to the game like free spins, multipliers, wild, and other bonus round. When you trigger this feature, you have more chance of getting bigger rewards. There are also several slots with progressive jackpot features. These slot games usually have a jackpot that could reach millions. The reason is that a tiny percentage of players bet is added to the jackpot. One win in a progressive jackpot slot can change your life for the better.

Slots also come with different themes to make the game more fun. There are slot about mythology, famous TV, shows, and celebrities.

Fish shooting games 

Like in an online slot, you don’t need to have a complicated strategy to win in fish shooting games. Here, you just need to shoot down all the fishes and other creatures on your screen. However, you need to be careful because each bullet you fire will be taken from your wallet. The good thing there are also bonus features in these games that offer free bullets or free rounds where you can get bigger payouts.

Live Dealer Games 

Live dealer games, also known as Live Casino, bring an atmosphere close to a brick-and-mortar casino. In these games, players can interact and play with a real dealer. Players can see the dealer via webcam. You will see how your cards are being dealt in front of you. There will also be enough time to place a wager. When you win the amount will instantly reflect in your account. When you lose, the amount will be deducted from your account.

There are different types of Live Dealer Games. The most common are the popular table games like table games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and sic bo. On some gaming sites, there you’ll also live game shows like Deal or no Deal, How to be Millionaire and the board game Monopoly. These games are facilitated by a real host.

Like in physical casinos, players are allowed to communicate with the dealer using the live chat support or even give them a tip.


If you are a fan of the lottery, then try keno online. This game works exactly like a lottery but the gameplay is much faster. It also has a huge jackpot.

To play the game, you only need to choose your number from the table that consists of numbers from 1 through 80. Players can pick between 1 and 20 numbers on the table. But keep in mind that the percentage of your hit is counted for your rewards. The higher the percentage of hits the higher your rewards will be. For instance, you hit 6 numbers out of 7 you pick.

Players are also allowed to use the same numbers for different rounds so they can easily monitor all their hits.