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Politics and entertainment betting: Things you should know

When we talk about betting, it is a football match, a cricket match or any other sports event that comes in our mind. We are quite aware of the huge industry behind sports betting and the multiple web sites and apps where you can try your luck & analysis. Off late, a new type of betting is gathering attention where people have been trying their luck and some of them really minting fortunes as well. In this article, you will get Everything You Need To Know About Politics & Entertainment Betting.

What is Politics & Entertainment Betting:

Political betting is considered a subset under Entertainment betting and Entertainment betting simply means betting on the outcome of major entertainment shows especially the reality shows and talent shows. Over the past few electoral cycles, Political betting is gaining momentum as well as people get a great avenue to try their luck quite fairly. 

What are the different events?

In the case of sports betting, the major events are quite clear. There are some big leagues, a world cup, a big game, etc. But, in the case of Politics and Entertainment betting, the different events can turn out to be an odd itself. It is quite random when something gets the hype and it becomes an event to bet on. Recently, a major geopolitical event became one of the biggest political betting events, that is Brexit. Let us quickly discuss the same.

What happened during BREXIT Betting?

There have been many odds related to BREXIT betting and the most prominent one was about the basic question – Will UK leave EU or not? After that, there were bets on all the different conditions associated with the same. Every policy created its own odds and some people made a fortune while some lost a considerable amount as well.

What are the BREXIT Betting Odds?

The strongest odds are on the UK not to leave the EU and for Article 50 to be either revoked or extended beyond 2019. The number stands at 1/10 for both. The odds stand at 2/7 for the UK to stay in the EU even after October 31st and for Article 50 to be extended. The odds are at 11/2 for the UK to leave the EU in 2019 without the withdrawal agreement in place. Finally, the odds stand at 6 for the UK to leave the EU by 31st October 2019 with a No Deal.

Does Betting influence political outcomes?

We have heard about many cases in sports when the whole game is being controlled by a big bookie but can big political decisions and outcomes like Brexit be influenced by political betting? Yes, there is a great chance and some of the entertainment shows outcomes have been questioned in the past as well. There has been no open case as of today which has got considerable media attention but like anything else that involves gambling, manipulation is quite possible here as well.