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Stay Ahead Of The Trends With These Online Blackjack Creations

If you frequently log on and play online Blackjack on Paddy Power Games, then you’ll be well aware there’s always some new and improved game just ready and waiting for you to take it for a spin. But sometimes that can be a little overwhelming; trying to keep up with the latest in online Blackjack gaming, all the while staying true to your favourite games. Well, not to worry, as we’ve trawled the Blackjack catalogues to find you some of the best new games to sink your teeth into. Read on to find out more!

Buster Blackjack

If you like a classic game, but with a little modern twist, then this is the game for you! Buster Blackjack‘s side bets will give you the chance to be rewarded handsomely, especially if your dealer ends up going bust! The presentation of the game is clean and sharp, perfect for both desktops and mobile devices. Each hand will be dealt in plain sight, across a clear table, that also displays some of the main rules and payouts of the game, just in case you forget!

Where the game differs from the norm is that it offers up the option of playing up to five hands at one time, should you be so far inclined. There are also the traditional options of splitting your hand or taking out insurance, if you’re used to playing with those features. However, the side bets are where the real action is promised with this version of Blackjack. If you bet on the dealer going bust with three or four cards, then you’ll be paid out at 2x your bet. These winnings will only increase, depending on the number of cards that the dealer has in their hand- for example, if the dealer is holding five cards when they go bust, then you’ll receive 4x your current bet. The biggest prize available is for when the deal not only goes bust, but you also get Blackjack (your first two cards adding up to 21). If the dealer goes bust with eight or more cards in their possession, then a whopping 2,000x your original wager will be coming your way.

Blackjack UK

Whip out the tea set and hoist up the British flag, as you’re in for a treat with this UK-themed game of Blackjack. Gameplay starts from a reasonable 1 GBP, offering you the ability to play up to five hands at once and win 1.5x your initial bet.

Although Blackjack is thought of as an international casino game, the software giants at Playtech have taken it upon themselves to give a little nod to the people of England, with this edition of Blackjack. On the surface, this Blackjack table is no different to any other, until you take a closer look at the rules. When you opt for the UK version of Blackjack, you’ll be playing under the following rules:

  • Decks will be shuffled after each hand
  • You can only split up to four hands (whilst other variants usually allow more opportunities to split)
  • Only one card will be drawn when you split aces
  • You’re not allowed to split two 4s, 5s or 10s (including face cards)
  • You can double down after splitting, or if your total is 9, 10 or 11
  • You can only buy insurance if you have Blackjack

Get these rules under your belt and you’ll be more than ready to take on Blackjack UK!