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The best online casino game types

If you love to play online casino games, this is the guide for you. We have put together some information about the leading types of casino games currently available online, helping you find the right games for your preferences. Whether you are curious about keno or intrigued by poker, you can find details on the top types of casino games right here.

Casino poker games online

Online poker is hugely popular, with around 5.5 million cash players worldwide. Many are amateur players who enjoy the game, but there are also high stakes poker leagues where professional players battle for huge cash sums. There are many different forms of poker, with Texas hold ’em and five card draw among the most popular.

Poker is a betting game, played in rounds. Cards are allocated to the player, from which they must make the best combination in their hand. Rules vary from game to game – some involve additional cards shared between players, others allow card trading or a private draw. The winner is not necessarily the player with the best hand – poker is a game of bluffing, which can lead to some interesting twists and turns.

Online slot games

Casino slots are very popular with online players, thanks to the vast selection of games available. There are thousands of different types of slots, from traditional five-reel spinners to interactive 3D chance and skill games. For a good example of one of the most popular forms of casino game, see the Magical Vegas slots section which mimic the popular casino fruit machines, but with exciting new features and characters. There are some huge jackpots available – the highest ever recorded was a whopping 13.2 million win. Some online slots offer a progressive community jackpot or interactive features, so players can join in multi-player style bonus rounds.

Online keno

Keno is one of the oldest games known to us, with a history dating back over 3,000 years. However, it is only recently that its popularity as an online casino game has grown. Keno is a number-based lottery game, similar in nature to bingo. Players bet not on the numbers they will cross off their card, but on how many numbers they will get during the draw, or on how many times their numbers will be drawn in a game. Played in rounds, betting takes place at the start and prizes are allocated according to variable odds. Online keno is a growing trend and well worth a try if you are tired of the usual online casino offerings.