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Top music star inspired slot machines

The people who run online and land-based casinos are always keeping an eye out for innovative ways of reaching out to new customer bases and as well as moving on to a new playing platform such as an app, slot machines have proven to be particularly helpful with this over the years. The reason for this is that slots can be created with different themes without too much trouble and this helps to bring fans of those particular themes say, football into casinos. Here we will look at a few of the best slots inspired by music stars.

1. Michael Jackson slot

Michael Jackson is one of the biggest names in the history of pop music, nearly a decade after his death, thanks to his hits with the Jacksons and as a solo artist including Blame it on the Boogie, Billie Jean and Bad. His career spanned the 1970s to 2009, but the slot game focuses on the 1980s and 1990s which are arguably the peak years of his career. The five reels feature images of Jacko from his early 90s Dangerous period, while the bonus games center on his 80s smash hits Smooth Criminal and Beat incorporating clips from the videos. You also get the famed Jackson squeal to start the game.

2. Elvis Top 20 slot

Elvis is one music star that can rival Jackson for popularity, and the Elvis Top 20 slot will certainly please fans of the King of Rock n Roll, whether they like his 1950s rebellious period or his Vegas showman era. It follows the standard online slot format of five reels and 20 paylines, but the reels contain pictures of Elvis as a teen, during his 68 Comeback Special and his 70s jumpsuit years when he performed regularly in Las Vegas as well as a jukebox, pink Cadillac and gold record. You get hits from throughout his career soundtracking the game and three bonus games, so there is plenty to delight both slot and Presley fans.

3. Madonna slot

Madonna is another of the genuinely legendary stars of pop music, having started her career back in the early 1980s and still managing to secure hits today. This makes a slot game inspired by her career-long overdue and one has now been created by Aristocrat Technologies with the slot featuring images of the star on its five reels, alongside lipstick lips, sunglasses of the kind she wore during her early career and a microphone. The focus is her 1980s youth and hits from that period such as Lucky Star are central to the game which has a $25000 maximum jackpot. It seems certain to get Madonna fans interested in casino gaming.

All of these slot machines are well worth playing, offering the sort of enticing jackpots and exciting gameplay that will have you gripped whether you are a fan or not.