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Why do people bet on eSports?

If you are not a gamer, you have probably asked yourself why some people bet on eSports? Wagering on a computer game definitely sounds strange, but once you discover the hidden gems that each game has to offer, you will understand why some people prefer eSports over the regular betting options.

Since you’re reading this, you probably haven’t started punting on any eSports yet. That’s why the purpose of this article will be to show you a few reasons why people choose to bet on a different computer and mobile games. Without further ado, let’s take a look at why bettors like eSports.

The fact that people can bet on the game they want and potentially win something is amazing

The first reason why people want to bet on eSports is that they like playing computer games. Most people that choose one of the recommended e-sport sites accepting betting on different games happen to be active gamers. This means that they know how most of these games work, and they want to see whether they can monetize their experience.

Even though every gamer wants to do this for a living, being a professional player is challenging. That’s why some people prefer wagering on their favorite games.

Esports have different rules, markets, and odds

Apart from gamers, even people who don’t know much about eSports tend to bet on some of the more popular titles. That’s due to the fact that each of these games has certain markets and odds that are not available for any other sport.

Although the more popular betting options like football and basketball will usually have up to ten times the number of markets, each eSport is unique, so the options there won’t be available on any other sport.

There are always different tournaments that you can pick from

Since there are so many different eSports titles that you can choose from, there will always be an ongoing event that you can wager on. Most eSports titles have special leagues that take place throughout the year. 

We have to point out that some bookmakers don’t cover every tournament. That’s why most people prefer opening an account on a gambling website that focuses on eSports.

Keep in mind that it is not always recommended to bet on the so-called “tier 2 and tier 3″ events.

Most of the times, bettors can watch the game they’ve wagered on

Lastly, some people like betting on eSports because almost every bookmaker that offers multiple computer games also has a live-streaming option and an in-play section. As a result, bettors can wager on live matches and watch most of them directly on the betting platform.

This might not seem like a big deal, but the fact that you can do all of this at once makes eSports really attractive, especially for those who are into live betting. Don’t forget that once you start betting on those types of matches, you will also get the chance to experience many new markets that are not available elsewhere.