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Gaming Industry in Thailand is growing

Thai people always have enjoyed entertainment and gaming. Most of them would count gaming as one of their favourite leisure activities. The numbers of last year proved, that a massive growth can be seen in the gaming industry, so that the numbers of revenue and gamers are rising per year. Nowadays, gaming is more than a distraction. It’s professional, but also casual and seen as pop culture nowadays. Gaming is more than “just a game”.

Thailand is standing out and feels more enthusiastic about online gaming than any other countries. Can you imagine that more than 32 million of Thai people integrate online gaming into their daily life? Most of them prefer mobile gaming (87%), before computer gaming (40%) while the rest plays on the console (20%), in comparison with other countries like Europe and top casinos in Canada the rates are much lower. The old-school market is not dead yet, in addition to retro gaming. It may seem old, but many classic games expanded their collection into online platforms, new constructed retro consoles, and mobile gaming. Classic board games like Monopoly are one of them. They are too popular to stay just in the past. There is the traditional board game, but also modern versions. Now they are available in Apps Stores and Google Play. Another classic that Thais like to play are online gambling. There is a wide range of games that you can enjoy as Thai poker, also called Hi lo. There are also virtual games that are fun to play thanks to technology nowadays. Other than that, you will find other classics such as poker, chess and UNO on platforms like that can make you feel nostalgic.

Genres and five types of players

According to a survey of 2021, Thai gamers feel a strong urge of exploring themselves and feel free to play what they want to play. Role play and adventure games are one of their favourites, thanks to thrilling challenges. Simulation games are the first one in the list, after that shooter games, MOBA and others. There are different types of players too, ranked from the most to the lowest. Low-Key players are the ones that want to relax while playing, sometimes alone or with friends. They want to keep it simple as much as possible. Second, Competitive Gamers who don’t give up till they passed the challenge of the game and want to prove to the world that they are the real pros. Third, Learner Gamers, that are not talented in gaming, but want to learn from entertainment broadcasts to make better experiences and level up. The last two placements go to Socialised and Broadcaster Gamers, that don’t want to miss out and prove their gaming skills to others.


The fact that the gaming sector is increasing on professional and leisure activity, let brands know, how to connect with their consumers over advertising. Brands can reach many people over different social media and gaming platforms in different demographics. Target groups will be divided, so the brands can interact with them on different levels. Gamers can be a part of a product by creating designs and build relationships between the brand and the audience. To get more details about gamers, they share things with the brand via social media. Many gamers see gaming as a passion. Different brands in Thailand connect with consumers to make their gaming experience even better. These discover touching points, so that they can adapt it to new ideas of games and features. As we saw above, there are different type of gamers. Every group has different behaviours, desires, and interests, which are important to reflect when it comes to strategic advertising.

Market is booming

Thailand’s gaming industry is rapidly growing numerous game titles, developer and studios that came out over the years. Recently, Thailand is known for being the 23rd largest country in the gaming sector, with a revenue of 330 million dollars per year. Well-known gaming studios in Thailand are Sandbox Local, Sanuk Games and Gamesquare that have international success with their game titles. Some successful gaming titles are M.A.S.S. Builder, Home Sweet Home, and the RPG. Thailand is considered as a significant player, globally. Also, Virtual Reality games hit the ground. There are still developers that are avoiding VR in addition to limited consumers. However, new possibilities of development bring fresh energy into the market. On the professional side, there are many opportunities to start a career in the e-sports section. Tech jobs became more popular than ever nowadays. We just must look at the rules and regulations that will be introduced in the future of gaming. We are excited to see what happens next in the gaming world. Technology is emerging more and more, and we can be lucky that we are a part of new projects and inventions.