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How to Make Your Friend Like Gaming

Every gamer can relate to having a friend who doesn’t like to play video games – it’s a universal problem. Your friend might like sports, shopping, and even traveling, but for some reason, they refuse to start gaming.

Luckily, there are things that you can do that will help to your friend into a gamer. Interested? Keep reading to learn some tips on how to do this.

Play Exciting Games

If you’re asking your friend to play puzzle games, it’s hardly surprising that they’re not interested. After all, no one wants to be bored senseless by a game that doesn’t involve any excitement.

The solution is simple: choose exciting games. PCs and smartphones have plenty of these to offer, such as real money poker games. Online poker is perfect for friends to play together, whether you’re in the same room or in different countries.

Let them Know the Benefits

You game for a reason, right? Of course, you do – gaming is fun. It’s also a great way to pass the time and de-stress, which is something you need to let your friend know about. Once you sell the gaming experience to your friend without being pushy, they’ll be more likely to convert.

For example, if your friend is an introverted person, you can let them know that online gaming is a fantastic way to make new friends and meet like-minded people.

Lend them Your Games

A lot of the time, people do not want to get into gaming due to the fact that it costs money. Think about it, you usually need to buy:

Therefore, to help take the edge off it, you should offer to lend your friend some games for them to test out. If you can afford to let them borrow your console for a few days, even better. Think of this as a trial run – the chances are, it will work.

Invite them Over to Practice

When you and your friend have some free time, you should invite them over to practice with you. Remember to be encouraging, as this will make the more likely to persist and gain a passion for gaming.

Whatever you do, don’t laugh at their mistakes or discourage them. If they have no experience at gaming, then they will naturally not be very good at the start. However, with a friendly nudge in the right direction, you can get them to the standard they need to be!

Suggest Streamers to Watch

Streaming video games has become insanely popular. Now, people like Ninja (who plays Fortnite) have incredibly large followings online – and with good reason. Streamers help to showcase the fun and excitement of playing video games, and are essentially walking billboards for why playing video games is good.

So, it’s a good idea to suggest streamers for your friend to watch. Even if they don’t know anything about the game being played, they should find it entertaining to watch – especially if you recommend a streamer with a big personality.