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The benefits of video games in people’s social and professional lives

Who said that practical methods of self-improvement must necessarily be expensive or complicated? Opening our eyes, taking a close look at our surroundings, we would immediately realise that the ways and methods of making remarkable improvements in our lives are very close, within reach, and could be grasped by everyone very easily.

The natural drive toward improvement, toward attaining a status that is always different (and higher) than the one in which one is now, is part and parcel of the innermost nature of every human being; it is inextricably linked to his or her DNA. The drive toward obtaining a more comfortable, easier, or at any rate more advantageous situation than before has always directed man toward progress, turning him into a tireless creator of civilization. 

The will to improve

This eternal process continues to repeat itself today, but in more attenuated forms, much more subtle than what happened hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, the drive for self-improvement is not clearly felt by all individuals, and in most cases it remains hidden in the depths of consciousness, at a latent level, ready to be finally awakened and reactivated. 

The chaotic societies in which we live, the indulging in harmful and mistaken habits, and a kind of invincible laziness also triggered by social media content like the ones seen on TikTok, have to a certain extent clouded people’s vision, atrophying even their senses and preventing them from lucidly grasping all the opportunities around them, including those related to self-improvement, which has now become a goal shared by very, very few people on the face of the earth. 

The stolid contemplation of TV shows or programs, or of the arid content of social media, has led an impressive number of people to become accustomed to this basically lazy lifestyle, utterly devoid of dynamism, of the healthy desire to improve, as if the only purpose of life consists in spending hours in front of Netflix or the glowing content that keeps appearing on our social media bulletin boards, and that seems to hypnotize us day after day. 

Daily habits 

In the course of our day, without even knowing it, we indulge in activities or pastimes that hold enormous potential, and which, if they were exploited properly, would be able to bring about noticeable improvements in our social, work and family lives. 

Video games, for example, are far from being merely a pleasant entertainment for young and old, an activity to be indulged in lightly: by beginning to play games with greater awareness, you will come to develop certain skills of fundamental importance to your daily life, fostering an unquestionable advancement to a new level of achievement. 

Video games like Age of Empires force people to complete tasks, assignments, thus accustoming the player’s mind to the importance of goals set and subsequently achieved. In an age when completing something seems incredibly difficult, beginning to familiarize oneself with this process (and successfully completing it) could prove extremely useful for anyone. Consciously using video games also promotes high levels of concentration, accustoming the mind to staying alert and attentive for certain intervals of time, and induces the player to become familiar with teamwork, especially if one is using a video game that involves multiplayer play. 

This latter ability, greatly favored by the power of the Internet and shared virtual spaces in which to interact, play or communicate, will then reveal itself in all its usefulness in the workplace, should the player find himself in the condition of having to manage or coordinate a team of colleagues in order to achieve a given objective. 

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In the impetuous impulses toward self-improvement, toward the achievement of a definite goal, is contained the purest essence of humankind.