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5 Inspirational Movies For Writers and Authors

5 Inspirational Movies For Writers and Authors

We used to think that writers are the source of inspiration for many people as they can read about the similar life experiences of the authors and find the right answers to their questions. However, we miss one little thing – writers are common people just like readers and sometimes they feel a lack of inspiration and need to find effective ways to fill it. Along with reading books of other writers, watching movies is a great way to relax, learn about the life and troubles of other writers and how they cope with them in the hardest times.

Thus, we have collected the top list of famous movies about writers and their professional flow with its ups and downs. These films can show useful tips as well as the situations where the authors choose the wrong way so that you could not do it in your life and career. 

The Words

This picture tells us a story of the writer who is not really successful and continues to find the source for inspiration to continue his art. Once upon a time the main character ( writer) occasionally finds someone`s unreleased novel and this novel turns out to be a real masterpiece. So the writer decides that this is his last chance and publishes the novel under his own name. However, all secrets are clear, and the main character meets the real author of the published book. The life of the writer who stole the novel becomes a living nightmare as hesitates between confessing to the whole world about his violating act, buying off from the real author, or leaving the situation alone. Curious to know the final decision of the writer-burglar – then we recommend watching this picture. It shows that writers are better at working out their skills than stealing someone’s text and fame.

Midnight in Paris

This movie is a great combination of the story of a writer who looks for inspiration, magic, and a romantic story full of love and disappointment as well. So we can tell the story of the American writer who travels to Paris with his bride and her parents. As we know Paris is full of marvelous sightseeings and outstanding pieces of art famous all over the world. Although, despite the beauty all around, the main character feels that he doesn’t belong to this time and dreams of traveling to the 20th century to meet the authors of these masterpieces. 

The writer occasionally finds an old car in the middle of the city which takes him back in time and transports him to the period when all these writers and artists were alive. This trip gives him a full understanding that he is not satisfied with his life, family, and career. It means that the main character has to take a range of important decisions that will completely change his life. What these decisions are – you are going to know after watching. 


This picture mostly teaches writers to prevent making wrong decisions and find wrong sources of inspiration to continue writing novels. It tells us a story of a middle-aged writer who has lost his writing mood and inspiration and thinks that his writing career is coming to an end. Nevertheless, he has a job with particular responsibilities and deadlines. The main character feels like he would never write any decent text again and starts to look for efficient ways to get his writing skills back. In one day, the writer meets an old friend who suggests he start taking innovative pills that enhance brain activity and evolve diverse skills. However, the main character becomes addicted to these pills and is not capable of writing anything without them. From the beginning, the hero thinks that he has found an exit from the art crisis and he doesn’t understand that it was the beginning of the end of his career.

The Lake House

It is a fascinating and magic-loving story of the two people who mailed each other living at the same house but in different periods of time. In the beginning, we meet a young woman named Kate who has just moved to the lake house. After some days, she found a letter in her mailbox from Alex where he describes the house interior but it doesn’t match the current furniture. Kate and Alex start mailing and understand that they live in the same lake house but Alex had lived here two years before Kate had moved. It is a wonderful story showing us the charm of written emails and how many things we can learn about other people without even meeting them in life, just writing the mails. Of course, this romantic story cannot have a happy ending, but who knows?

The Rum Diary

This is another story about the misfit writer from the USA who decides to start his writing career from the beginning by moving to Puerto Riko. He wanted to get a new job in the local newspaper as a correspondent but he has not succeeded to get along with his new boss because of the complicated characters of both and the reeking of alcohol from the main character. Pail, the writer from America, is considered to be a real professional compared to the local writer and the chief editor decides to hire Paul. The work of Paul in Puerto Rico is full of adventures, meeting new people, and surprises. Moreover, Paul shares lots of useful tips and personal experiences of being a writer under different conditions and circumstances. Moving to another place is one of the most effective ways to get the inspiration back but is it worth the effort? This movie is going to provide all with all answers. 

To sum everything up

The major part of movies related to writing careers brings hidden morals, senses, and tips for writers who are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration. As a writer, you will not be able to completely change your life, profession, or writing style by watching one or several inspirational movies. However, these pictures may help you understand if you are moving in the right direction and find your place in life in case of need. Each writer has to go through an individual and unique professional path that has its ups and downs. Such movies can help writers not give up and continue to develop their writing and communicative skills to show the world real masterpieces. Writing a career requires constant learning and development but only watching movies cannot resolve all the issues at once.

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