Comfortable and Furious

For A Few Dollars More


Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone make me happy. I was going to write a few paragraphs about how and why this film in particular makes me happy, even though it has some flaws and doesn’t always make sense. Instead, I’ll just describe one characteristic scene at the end of the film. Knowing that this scene occurs in the movie is all you need to know about the movie.

The Man With No Name and Col. Mortimer have butchered the bad guys. Clint is piling their corpses onto a wagon and adding up the bounties on their heads. He realizes that the total is a little low, turns around, spots the last surviving bad guy and caps him. Then he throws the last corpse on the pile and rides his corpse wagon back into town. There. The fact that this movie is worth seeing should now be as obvious as the end of Madonna’s acting career. It has a corpse wagon! I can just imagine Leone and Clint thinking, “top that!” after the scene was finished. Sure enough, they topped it themselves with The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, which is just too much movie for me to review.


This DVD is very cheap. I got it for $10, new. Why not buy one? Also, the title screen is both cool looking and hypnotic.

Regular Ratings:

  • Film Overall: 7
  • Direction: 7
  • Acting: 7
  • Story: 6
  • Rewatchability: 8
  • DVD Extras: 1

Special Ruthless Ratings:

  • Number of times you imagined how much more fun life would be if you could summon The Man With No Name to act on your behalf at any time: 6
  • Number of times these imaginings culminated in gunfire and dead landlords: 2
  • Number of times you thought that, although the level of violence in the film is more than satisfactory, it could have used a touch more gore: 3
  • Number of times the movie was paused to do something else: 0