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Many TV shows turning to PC games

Given our range of gaming platforms it was inevitable that we would get some well-known shows and series making the transition from TV to PC. They have a large audience, much loved characters and avid fans, widening the brand is a wise move. Of course, we already had many games that were adapted to console gaming, but we are now seeing a rise in these games accessible to casino players.

Particularly the slots, and you can find and enjoy UKs best at Mr. Smith Casino. They have many different games available, including the likes of South Park which is an example of a TV show turning to gaming. It allows you to go on an adventure with Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Stan and more of your favorite characters.

South Park

South Park was one of the first to become a lot, but since that, many TV series have made the move, and none more popular than Game of Thrones. It has only just been overtaken as the most popular HBO premiere and still attracts a large army of fans, and they will no doubt enjoy the slot. With symbols reflecting the show, and locations used, it will give another dimension to GoT fans, and even if you aren’t a fan, who would turn their nose up at 243 paylines!

There are so many other examples to use, with the adventures of Batman moving to slot, in various games, including the Dark Knight. The vast range of slots means that any of the players can find a slot to suit their tastes. If you are a fan of 24, Star Trek or the lower key Wheel of Fortune, there’s something out there for you!

This is unlikely to change in the future, as those producing the games know that they are certain to attract audiences. You are more inclined to play a game if you have been watching it on TV and hooked by it, so we can look forward to many more of our favorite games making the switch in the future!

Overall, casino games are exciting for their unpredictability, the chance to win money and because they’re fun! When you combine that with well-known TV shows, with characters you are sure to be a winner, and thankfully for players, there’s a lot to enjoy!



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