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Banking on Creativity: How to Monetize Your Talents From Home

Everyone could use more money, but not everyone is an artist or entertainer. If you have creative abilities, try turning your skills into cash online. With the right approach, you may soon be earning a living from what was once just a hobby.


You no longer need to sign a record deal to make music available for purchase. It’s now possible to independently get your songs onto streaming services and digital download platforms like iTunes. Likewise, you don’t need to book time at an expensive studio to make an album. Create a home studio on a budget. You’ll be able to tweak audio creations at any hour for as long as you want.

Internet experts studying web-based content have determined that music videos are the most popular. Give your sound a visual element and monetize sonic vibes on YouTube. If you’re feeling ambitious, go all-out with professional lighting, set design, dancers, and a cinematographer. A quicker and more affordable alternative is creating lyric videos. Include a link at the end telling viewers where to buy your music.


Uploads about video games also draw huge audiences. Exploit your love for interactive entertainment by expressing that enthusiasm to others. Think about how you’d convince a friend to try your favorites and then say it to the camera. Viewers should be naturally intrigued by your impassioned appeals.

If you have a knack for programming, create your own game. Technology has made it easier than ever to develop an app or piece of software alone. If it’s good enough, it’ll get onto Steam, the net’s most popular PC gaming service. With a positive enough reception, PlayStation and Xbox may pay you to build versions for their consoles.


Perhaps you’re more an actor than a rocker or a gamer. Why not write, direct, and star in a cinematic masterpiece? Filming a movie is expensive, but there are techniques for making low-budget pictures look professional. If you’re seeking actors, you can find Hollywood hopefuls out there willing to work for free. Advertise your movie on social media and sell it digitally or on DVD and Blu-ray.

Before your movie becomes so popular that demand builds for a sequel, establish your film production outfit as a limited liability company. Doing this has multiple advantages, including liability protection and operational flexibility. You also won’t have to deal with as much paperwork. Avoid paying hefty attorney’s fees by filing independently or using an LLC formation service. Every state imposes its own rules on establishing LLCs; find out the laws in your state before getting started.


Perhaps you have more insight into music, movies, and games than you do the ability to make them. Present your opinions on popular media through the written word. The internet is chock full of sites looking for content. Check your favorites for their freelance author submission policies. If your talents match their requirements, offer your services. The more you get published, the better known you’ll become. The more attention you gather, the easier it will be to start writing for other outlets.

Maybe you’d rather sell works of fiction. Start with short stories before jumping into novels. Send tales to literary magazines for starters. Continue gaining attention by winning writing competitions. Once you have enough cred, hook up with an agent that can take you to the next level.

Don’t take your artistic abilities for granted. There have never been better opportunities for making dollars off them.