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Can I Learn The Violin At The Age Of 40?

You may have doubts about your music ability because you are at the age of 40. The good news is that childhood is not the only time an individual can learn a music instrument. Your adult brain can form new synapses that can help you in your learning process. As such, you can learn to play the violin at age 40. Read on to discover tips that can help you learn the violin at age 40.

  1. Private Lessons. You can take advantage of LVL Music Academy and other homes, studios, or online classes. Such classes are affordable, and you can schedule your time the way you wish. However, if you want to speed up your learning process, invest in-home lessons. An instructor can come to your home for a 45 or one-hour-long class. Private lessons allow you to benefit from personalized feedback. Private violin classes also provide an environment where you can stretch yourself beyond what group lessons offer.
  2. Record Practice Lessons. At the age of 40, you have to create time for work, family, and now violin. You may also not have the privilege of having daily lessons. As such, you must make your short practice lessons count. Record all your classes and play them back in your car while driving to work. Remember the items that your instructor recommended for improvement. You can also practice in front of a mirror to make quick progress in your weak areas.
  3. Practice during Lunch Hour. If you can eat at your desk or save some of your lunchtime, consider practicing using part of your lunch break. If your workspace does not allow you to practice, go to your car. You can also use an online app to work on sight-reading and rhythm. The more you read music notes, rhythm, and basic music theory, the more you can put them into practice.
  4. Online Apps. Thanks to modern technology, you can now use your smartphone to learn how to play the violin. Download an online music app designed for the violin and follow each instruction. This strategy is an excellent way to provide support to your private lessons.
  5. Music Camps. You probably think that music camps are only for children. The country is full of adult music camps that cater for individuals like yourself. Here, you can learn from the most outstanding musician out there. Music camps are also an excellent way to build your confidence because you will surround yourself with adult peers who also have a passion for the violin.
  6. Don’t Give Up. You will often feel like quitting this journey. Sometimes you may also feel like your progress is slow. Do not succumb to these emotions since you will lose momentum. If your kids are also interested in playing, you can allow them to join you in some of your practice lessons to spice things up. You can also practice some new music to break the monotony.

With these tips, you can now pursue your music dreams as an adult.