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Practical Beginner’s Training Workout Routines

You are probably aware of the importance of weight training workouts, right? This might be the reason why you have decided to start engaging in them. But you don’t know how and where to start, do you? Well, you don’t have to worry. Many individuals have been in this situation before, and fortunately, through articles like this one, they have found helpful.

Sometimes weight training workouts seem a little difficult, boring, and tiring. But if you are optimistic about what you are doing, then you will find yourself falling in love with all of the workouts, and in turn, you become stronger, lose weight, and stay healthy throughout the process.

With that said, lets now get to what you need. Here is a list of workouts for beginners in a weight training program. Check it out.

Basic Squats

This workout is a very easy one for beginners to do. It works out muscles like the legs and butt. Squats are becoming more popular amongst weight training workouts, especially if you are looking forward to increasing your glute strength. But it is also essential to keep safe to avoid any injuries that may occur, particularly to the lower back. Flexibility is the best thing to start working on. Do not add any weight when squatting until you are sure that you are in proper form.

Biceps Curl

The only muscles involved in this workout are the biceps. It is not that common, so we figured it was important to show you how it is done. You just need to stand while your arms are extended to the thighs and you are holding dumbbells in your palms. Then you slowly but steadily curl the weight towards the shoulders, and afterward, lower to the starting point. This is the greatest exercise to isolate your biceps.

Lateral Raise

Lateral raise involves working out the shoulders. The way to do it is just standing straight with your arms at your sides. Then, raise your arms to the shoulder level. When your shoulders are in place, you get the best-rounded shoulder form and your hands get rid of all of the calories that might make you look fat. All you need is control to do this exercise nicely.


This weight training workout involves the lower back only. It is done by lying face down on the ground and lifting opposite sides as you switch the sides. It is a wonderful exercise to perform as it prevents many lower-body injuries. It also helps in burning fat and building better glutes. Find more info here to get yourself some peptides and continue building stronger and healthier muscles.

Triceps Extension

This exercise works out the triceps. It is done by spreading the legs apart while leaning forward, bending your elbows at a ninety degree position, and lastly straightening your hands behind you. It is a very nice workout where no weight is needed to burn fat.


As said earlier, weight training workouts are tiring and some are boring as well. But if you are willing to reduce weight and keep healthy overall, then you have no choice but to do them. The above-compiled workouts will be great to perform as a beginner.