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The Mobile Industries’ On The Go Scams

Just over two decades ago, smartphones, tablets, and iPads were futuristic, fanciful devices found in movies that “Q” created, and James Bond used. Moving forward a few years, the first mobile phone was exactly that; a device enabling people to make and receive calls while on the move. These days, smart devices provide instant gratification and enable highly productive business processes.  However, online fraudulent scams have kept in toe with the evolving technological applications. Even though most web users consider themselves extremely technologically savvy, many still fall victim of the most obvious of scams.

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While many industries are at risk, three of the largest scammers’ playgrounds include Uber, online casinos and Amazon. After-all people enjoy a few rounds on a live roulette or poker table or spins on a slots game, and people always need a ride while quickly shopping during the commute. However, while these industries are vulnerable, they are also vigilant in their battle against the blight caused by fraudulent cybercriminals.


Uber and ride-sharing apps gave scammers and con artists new routes to easy money. With ride-sharing and Uber apps, the common scams happen through GPS spoofing where fraudsters use two phones, one as a driver and one as a rider. Here, the rider uses a stolen credit card to request a ride and uses the driver account phone to accept. Yet, this booked ride does not go anywhere and since both phones have GPS spoofing apps installed, Uber cannot track the location. This is how riders pocket money through stolen credit cards while also scamming Uber. 

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Online casinos

Transparency in this industry has resulted in simple checks players can do, in order to feel assured an online casino is legitimate. These include visibility of licensing authority, updated terms and conditions, use of reputable software, eCOGRA endorsement for player disputes, and independent online reviews. Most players tend to gravitate toward reliable reviews as a source of verification of the authenticity of an e-casino. Not only do these sites provide reviews, but are also country-specific e.g. Canada-based app casinos review sites. In turn, they are seen as useful sources for those who sign up to play when on the go as reliable information.  

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Amazon is a shopping hub, with over 75% of Americans using it to acquire various products including e-books. Scammers use the great deal buying impulse to lure unsuspecting victims. Buyers place their orders only to find that the seller, however, is a scammer that either does not send the order or sends a counterfeit product while still getting the money. To avoid falling into this trap, it is always best to be wary of newly launched sellers with no reviews or excessively long waiting times, especially, if the seller is supposed to be in the country. Fortunately, Amazon is always happy to refund anyone who may have fallen victim to scammers.

Life comes with a need to take charge of personal protection through online awareness. While the information is abundant, it is still amazing how many cognizant people fall prey to scams that trigger the various impulses to buy, win and ride.