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Picking the Right Room on Bingo Sites: Top Tips

Online bingo sites are popular for the sheer number of games and choices they have for the gaming public- with each of them having slightly different pathways to winning the jackpot. Choosing which room to go with can be daunting but it wouldnt be so if you perfectly understood what each one entails. Here is a quick round-up.

Speed rooms

High-speed bingo rooms feature fast-paced bingo games. They are usually made up of 90-ball versions of online bingo and they run round the clock. Stakes are usually small but prizes are exciting enough. Avoid the speed rooms if you are not fast enough on the draw to quickly fill up your tickets. The action is fast-paced with games running every three minutes so only the fastest and those who fully understand bingo games should consider.

Thrifty Value Rooms

These rooms are usually open during the day and offer huge jackpots. Tickets are cheap and games are open for hours. It is a more relaxing room to start with for people who are just starting out with online bingo.

Rainbow Riches Rooms

This room is slightly different as it is all about luck. There are no lines as players only have clovers to complete. Only after completing both clovers can you claim house. In some the best new bingo sites of 2017, players in this type of rooms get a share of the prize if they are in the room when the jackpot is won. Each online bingo platform has its modification for this room but generally, it is one of the most valuable.

75ball pattern Rooms

This is the standard 75-ball bingo souped-up. Apart from filling up the traditional straight lines, you can win prizes if you use numbers to fill up a particular pattern on the ticket. Popular pattern options include cutleries and currencies. Pattern bingos are very popular with players in the USA and some parts of Europe and it doesnt take long to see why. These rooms also offer some of the biggest prize winnings.

These are the top examples of online bingo rooms you can pick when on a bingo site. Bear in mind that they may bear different names on different sites but the premise is the same.

How to pick the right room

Be sure about your level of expertise

As we saw above, some of the faster paced rooms will prove tough for newer players. This is why you should consider playing in rooms that have bingo variants you are fully comfortable with.

Decide on a value threshold for ticket

How much is too much for you to spend on a ticket? Use it as a guide when choosing rooms to enter. Dont give up more than you can afford to lose.

Decide on a prize threshold

What constitutes an attractive prize for you? Avoid rooms that cannot offer that.

Choosing the right bingo rooms may not be straightforward but knowing your abilities and knowing your risk-to-reward preferences like a professional hit man, you can always make the right choices.