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The best UK fast withdrawal casinos list of 2024

For years, the UK has been a global market leader in gambling. Ever since the Gambling Act of 2005 was written into UK legislation, it became one of the first countries on Earth to set up strict, lucid regulations for the growing and soon-to-be dominant online casino gaming sector. 

While it might seem obvious now, the internet in 2005 was considered a helpful tool, but it had not yet permeated multiple levels of society, gaming and our daily lives. Nearly two decades later, online casino gaming is the primary way that people gamble, and with the latest figures showing that the UK gambling industry is now worth around $14bn, a significant portion of that is due to the ease and convenience of online gaming.

Fast withdrawals defined

Millions of us use the internet for a vast array of purposes; some of us have businesses where we buy and sell goods, and some will use it to play casino games. Ultimately, however, you use the internet, if you’re in a position where you want to withdraw your funds, you want to be able to do it as quickly and conveniently as possible. 

In the world of casino gaming, where a big win can profit you thousands of dollars, once the euphoria settles, the next big challenge is getting the money into your bank account as quickly as possible. The fastest withdrawal casinos will aim to expedite this process as smoothly as they can, with many of them using it as the unique selling point of their entire casino due to its importance. 

You can approach the idea of fast withdrawals in many ways, but excessive delays and having to jump through hoops to access your money certainly don’t fall into the definition. Most casinos will allow you to access your funds within three business days. However, some will aim to do it quicker, with the best UK fast withdrawal casinos aiming to get your money to you within a few hours of your withdrawal request.

What is the fastest withdrawal method?

While three business days might seem reasonable if you gamble using your credit card or via a bank transfer, many cryptocurrency casino customers in other countries would state Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrency payments are the fastest withdrawal method. As Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency all become more commonly used words in online casino gaming, Bitcoin casinos model themselves as having the fastest payment method currently on the market. However, they’re not available to UK gamers. Although many can invest in these assets, there is legislation banning casino companies from operating in the UK market — but in terms of payout speed, they can challenge any of the conventional routes. However, e-wallets and some PayPal casinos can also boast instantaneous withdrawal times.

One of the best examples of a fast withdrawal casino is Mr Vegas Casino. Despite being in the industry for less than two years, it is a platform that spans multiple continents and allows you to use a variety of conventional currencies to place your casino bets. We’ve scoured the best UK fast withdrawal casinos we think could make a name for themselves this year, some of which include:

  • VideoSlots Casino: Their e-wallet withdrawal service is one of the quickest we sampled with multiple payments being paid within a few minutes and none of them taking more than an hour. 
  • MagicRed Casino: Considered a lucky color in many countries, if it’s a good luck charm for you, their e-wallet withdrawal system is the same quality as the VideoSlots Casino. However, their PayPal withdrawal system is noticeably quick too, with all withdrawals being completed within the space of two hours. 
  • Winomania: Renowned for its extensive slot selection, UK gamers can benefit from instant payouts via a number of methods. PayPal and e-wallets are the most common methods that people use to make withdrawals, but Skrill and Neteller withdrawals are also super-fast.
  • Win British Casino: We’d say this casino is the best option for PayPal withdrawals, but the truth is we didn’t experience PayPal withdrawal issues with any of the providers we’ve highlighted in this section. Card transactions can take up to five days, but our tests took less than 24 hours, so it appears to be a top, well-rounded withdrawal casino for UK bettors.

Fast withdrawal times for traditional casinos

Before the emergence of cryptocurrency casinos, online casinos dominated the market and they still command the largest share. Traditional casinos are abundant, and there is a lot of staunch competition between them to see which one can provide the fastest withdrawals for their UK customers. 

Win British Casino, as we alluded to, prides itself on its vast coverage of payment types. Regardless of whether you use PayPal or prefer to use your cards, they will aim to have any withdrawal into your account within three business days. 

Some of the fastest withdrawal casinos in the UK that primarily focus on traditional payment methods like VISA and PayPal include Win British Casino, which also offers 500 free spins for new customers, and LeoVegas, with their matched deposit bonus of up to $400. Most of their payment services revolve around VISA, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and MasterCard.

No fees, please!

Casinos must always inform you how much you will be charged for a specific type of withdrawal. This is why certain casinos, such as PayPal casinos, are currently gathering momentum, thanks to their zero fees and fast withdrawal times. For example, if you deposit your funds via a bank or wire transfer, you will often be charged a fee. 

Although specific casinos might charge you less or not charge you at all, provided the amount is above or below a particular figure, avoiding any additional costs is another critical element to consider when determining which of the fast withdrawal casinos or payment methods you wish to use.

Although bank cards may have changed in design over the years, they remain the number one way people deposit their funds to online casinos — especially in the UK. A casino must tell you how much their payment method fee is, but many will often highlight the free ones before you use their service. 

Some casinos will charge a fee depending on the volume of your transactions and the regularity at which you use the service. So, while fast withdrawals might be top of the agenda, ensuring you’re not charged a fee at both ends of the transaction should be another consideration.

Multi-platform withdrawal speed

Although every facet of our lives continues to become more digital, whether it’s our day-to-day banking, how we shop or how we watch our favorite TV shows and films, mobile apps are unquestionably dominating the conversation. Some casinos will boast of a fast withdrawal time, but once you drill into the specifics of the review, you uncover that they’re referring to just one payment method. 

For instance, a casino might advertise instant withdrawals, but they may be capped at a certain amount and only refer to Skrill withdrawals exclusively via their website. There are several ways to quickly decipher whether there’s any ambiguity in the language that the casino uses. All the providers we have featured today are upfront about their terms, which is why they’re the top ones in this particular category. Multi-platform withdrawals are vital to the overall package the casino is selling to you. 

Whether you’re withdrawing via your PayPal account on the mobile app or receiving your funds back onto your VISA card on the website, you want the withdrawal to be as fast and consistent as possible. 

Final thoughts – Our top picks for fast withdrawals

Out of all the casinos we have discussed today and the dozens we have reviewed over the course of this week, we have created a tiered list that ranks the decent casinos and the ones that are a level above. Our top three are: 

  • Mr Vegas Casino
  • Barz Casino
  • VideoSlots Casino

If fast payments are the most crucial factor to you and your casino gaming experience, we would strongly recommend these three. However, online casino gaming is all about shopping around and sampling bonuses and promotions. In addition to this trio, not too far behind are: 

  • MagicRed Casino
  • Winomania Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • Jackpot Village Casino

While fast payments are crucial, all these casinos emphasize that in their design, they also have a number of other excellent factors that allow them to stand out among their peers. Gaming choice, 24/7 customer service, fantastic website and mobile app design and a consistent drive to offer welcome bonuses and promotions to both returning and new customers make these casinos the best UK fast withdrawal casino providers. 

All these operators impress in several ways, and once you have checked them all out, you can settle on the one that best suits you, but you shouldn’t have any trouble exploring everything they have on offer.





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