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How to earn gold by developing the skinning profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Skinning is considered one of the main gathering professions in World of Warcraft, used to create leather goods and bait.

Especially impressionable players should not worry – the game does not demonstrate aggressive or unpleasant content from upgrading the skinning profession.

Professions related to the collection of resources are taken for study in two cases – in order to sell resources and earn WoW gold, or to accumulate materials and level up a profession on their own, for example, a leatherworker.

Key Points and Recommendations

You don’t have to purposefully destroy monsters yourself in order to collect their skins, and here it’s worth saying right away that these must be animals.

If you come to a location where a group of players are leveling up and none of them have the skinning craft, then you can easily butcher defeated monsters and accumulate resources.

You do not need to buy wow gold, or save up to start practicing a profession – you only need to buy a carving knife, which is available from the corresponding NPC associated with the profession in any major city in the world of Azeroth.

Now, when your profession reaches development level 25, you will be able to choose one of the available areas, in which you will receive more advantages than in others.

For example, leather dressing, or creating baits.

It’s worth saying right away that you can study one, the first direction without any problems for knowledge points on the Island of Dragons, but the rest need to be completed by completing quests. Simply put, with a lot of effort, you can become a unique specialist in all areas of hero development. Recharging quests for obtaining Knowledge points has a cooldown of 7 days, so the matter will not be quick, but it will be profitable and will bring simple and cheap wow gold in the future.

Is it worth creating a specific character for a profession

You can create a special hero to engage in professions, or simply take into account the passive bonuses that are unique to each race, but this is not at all necessary.

The world of WoW is so large and multifaceted that you always need to think ahead and understand that choosing a profession for only one mechanic may get boring in the future.

But if you still decide, then choose the Draktyrs with their mobility and the ability to get more resources from one collection, the Druids with their fast movement across locations and their ability to kill.

Analysis of characteristics and auxiliary equipment

Starting with the Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft, a complete reorganization of professions from Blizzard developers began to return them to relevance.

For this purpose, new characteristics have been added that are unique to gathering professions; crafters will be assigned other, distinctive ones.

In order for crafters and gatherers to improve their performance and receive bonuses, special equipment was also added, which should simply be placed in the inventory and when you interact with professions, it will be equipped automatically.

Characteristics for the skinning profession and their significance:

  • Precision – When you are skinning, you have a chance of getting more materials from the skinning process. If the bonus is triggered, you will hear a characteristic sound and see an animation.
  • Dexterity – the skinning process will go much faster and sometimes this will play a role in adjacent locations where PVP can easily begin.
  • Careful – when you skin, you will be more likely to get rare materials of varying degrees of value.

If we arrange all three new characteristics in order of their priority, then, of course, attentiveness and accuracy will be ahead of dexterity, which will simply give pleasant bonuses.

On the other hand, all trophy equipment that increases characteristics often has several bonuses that are combined with each other, and the rarer the equipment, the more bonuses it adds, including points for the profession itself.

Who and how creates equipment for artisans and collectors.

In the new update for World of Warcraft, the developers did an interesting thing – they added new tools and equipment that increase characteristics, but only the master who is logically suitable for this task can create them.

Thus, every artisan can create something for himself and help others in some way, and so do all WoW players.

Masters of their craft can earn a lot of wow gold simply by crafting equipment for others.

So, for the skinning master there will be three slots for equipment and here’s what you can do with them:

Skinning knife made of dragonite, or kazgorite. Gives a random parameter of 52, or 131 points and points for the skinning profession. It is advisable to craft until attentiveness comes across. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it and will pay off in the future. You can buy cheap wow gold for this from the Skycoach service. The item is created by a master smith because its base is made of steel.

A durable or reinforced backpack that adds accuracy points to your character. The item is created by a leatherworker, and this is the most logical profession for a skinning master to sell materials, so if you went this route, then you can create it yourself, including an improved version.

A helmet, or skinner’s hat, is an item that gives combined parameters, and if you create a hat, it also gives an increase to the level of the skill itself. Items are also created by a leatherworker, so if you have chosen a combination of professions, then take the time to create the best version of equipment for the future – spend time on production, or buy gold for World of Warcraft.

Upgrading skills and understanding the process

When you start mastering the profession of a skinner, you will understand that the mechanics themselves are not complicated – you just need to kill monsters and skin them, or wait until another group kills them and do the same, but on the condition that there are no your skinning specialist.

Don’t forget to check the monsters in general, because sometimes you will skin monsters that are not obvious to you.

Don’t forget to check the monsters in general, because sometimes you will skin monsters that are not obvious to you, including reinforced scales.

In WoW Dragonflight, all professions have an updated interface with tips and tricks, current monsters and possible skin formats.

When any of the three new effects are triggered, you will immediately see a notification and hear a characteristic sound, if you play along with in-game sound notifications, of course.

Conclusion for the Skinning profession in World of Warcraft

Skinning is one of the easiest professions in WoW, with a huge number of monsters from which you can get materials.

The most logical and correct step is to link the profession of skinning and leatherworking, since they are linked by resources, and you can sell everything you can create items for other players through the order table, including craft tools.





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