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Projects that you can play for a long time and develop your character

Many players who love single-player games may begin to look for more serious and thorough projects in which they need to develop their character in a step-by-step and interesting way, and not just spend a few hours playing through and leave the game and never enter it again.


A universal project from Rockstar Games, which brings something new to the gaming industry with each new version.

This is an open world and many mechanics and realistically recreated US cities and living NPCs who walk, talk, interact with each other and solve various problems in parallel with what the player is doing, but always react to crimes.

You will find two formats of gameplay – story mode and online mode.

In the story format, you will have the opportunity to play as three different heroes who will be connected by a storyline.

You will be able to gradually study their history, the reason for their connection with each other, but the main thing is to complete interesting tasks that will be related to driving around the city, shooting, business, and the most important and interesting thing – the robbery system.

You need to conduct reconnaissance of the place, assemble a good team, get all the necessary equipment and transport, choose an escape point and begin to implement your plans.

You need to understand this mechanic because it will be very useful and will be added to GTA Online.

The robbery system will also reveal a large number of characters and reveal in more detail the character and background of the three key characters and, of course, provide unique gameplay for robbing a jewelry store, seaport, treasury and rural bank.

The online mode will significantly expand all kinds of interesting modes that you will encounter in the storyline, so it is advisable to go through it before fully switching to the online format, which serves as a logical addition and continuation of the gameplay for single or collective play with friends.

The online mode itself is a format of mechanics of robberies, raids, doing business, racing and interaction with virtual Los Angeles in the augmented GTA boosting format.

After the storyline, many characters will continue to interact with you, but not as the main character, but as a new player, which will bring new experience and opportunities.

Lester will continue to order murders and robberies, Trevor will still act emotionally and without thought, and so on.

You can start your own business and transport goods and vehicles to earn money; in the future, they can be converted into apartments for new robberies and other GTA V boosting mechanics.

Elders Scrolls Skyrim

One of the most popular RPG parts from Bethesda. The player will independently choose the path of development of his character, but the essence of the storyline will remain unchanged.

You will be a fugitive who was captured for illegally crossing the border and sentenced indiscriminately to execution by beheading, but a wonderful and monstrous raid by the dragon saves the main character and from this moment your journey into the fantasy universe of the Middle Ages will begin.

On the territory of Skyrim there is a civil war between the Empire and the rebels of the Stormcloaks, and if you wish, you can join one of the sides and even rise to a major rank.

Despite the fact that the Imperials were the first to be ready to deprive you of your head, you can still join them.

Just like in real life, there is nothing exclusively good and bad, which you will learn about while completing tasks for either side.

By chance, the player learns about his unique talent – to hear and understand the voice of dragons and learn their words for use in battles.

It is ironic that the dragon that saved you from death has discovered your unique gift and will become your main opponent.

You will decide for yourself in what format to develop the hero.

Skills will be upgraded as you use them – when attacking with a sword or archery.

Magic must be studied from scrolls and books, or enroll in a college for full mastery.

Globally, the player will develop in any way he likes, craft or look for good equipment in caves, kill enemies of all types and survive in the unfriendly world of Skyrim.

The Witcher 3

One of the best projects produced by the gaming industry and the Polish studio SD Project RED.

In fact, the Polish studio not only visualized all the books of the writer Andrzej Sapkowski, but also proposed a new concept for a complex and interesting storyline in which the player will face not only complex but also interesting quests that will touch on all possible moral aspects in which sometimes you need to make a choice between bad and very bad.

Sacrificing one peasant, or all of them, saving a child, not knowing whether his family is alive and many other moments that caused and will still cause many emotions of players around the world.

You will meet all the famous characters from the book and some new ones that were not in the Witcher saga.

You will look for Ciri and at the same time you will meet Yarpen and Dandelion, Yennefer and Triss, Dykstra and even Ymgyr.

In addition to the main story campaign, spontaneous and interesting assignments and small tasks will be available to you.

For example, local residents will ask you to clear the village from ghouls or bandits – you can agree or refuse, and in the end you can also decide whether to take payment, refuse, or even give your personal money to help the locals.

In the best traditions of the books – don’t expect that the next time you visit the village of Roach you will be greeted as a hero – literally in a couple of hours they can again talk about mutants, degenerates and other unpleasant words that accompany the Witcher in all his adventures.

However, you yourself can decide how to react to attacks directed at you and manifestations of gratitude or ignorance, but all your decisions can and will have consequences, which will affect the ending of the whole story. The ending can be good, neutral, bad, or very bad.





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