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Best Horror Movies About College Students

What can be scarier than watching a horror movie about students being actually a student? Well, today there is no problem with selecting what to watch when you gather with your friends on the weekends or after a hard studying day on campus. 

The year of release does not matter at all as it doesn’t influence the quality of the movie and the scary things you are willing to find there. 

Hence, we have decided to gather all the most popular and scary movies in this compilation. All of them actually show that college adventures can not always end well for students who don’t think about the consequences of their actions. 

Happy Death Day

The world has seen this movie in 2017. It is a great untraditional horror movie that tells us a story of a girl – a college student that dies every day, literally. Every morning starts the same – she wakes up after the party at someone’s campus room and she doesn’t remember anything. Then, different weird situations occur to her and each day ends with someone killing her at the same party she was at yesterday. And the next day everything starts again. After several days the girl understands that her main task is to find her killer before he or she kills her one more time. The main character has to spend plenty of time before she realizes that the murderer can be closer to her than she expects. All in all, thanks to her own research, she finds the real killer – her best friend turned out to be her worst enemy.

Scream 2

Actually, this movie has several parts and we are going to discuss the second one as it tells us a story of a group of college students who decided to investigate and find the maniac that keeps scaring the whole town. The killer from Woodsboro has been killing people for several past years and now these murderers occurred near the student campus. The number of murders continues to grow and the group of students looks for the real truth of who this maniac is. The movie is full of bloody and violent scenes and is supposed to be really scary besides it was released in 1997.

I know what you did last summer

This movie is really legendary and you will hardly find a person who hasn’t seen this picture. It has several parts and shows the story of friends that starts at high school and continues during their college life. So let’s start from the beginning. Being students of high school, a group of friends hit a stranger on the road on their way home from a party. They thought that they killed this man and decided to put him away from the road and never remind him of this situation again. However, strange things and situations started to occur to each of them. They decided to find the documents of that man and contact his family. However, they all had the feeling that someone is watching them all the time. In the end, it turned out to be that the man wasn’t dead and wanted an act of revenge, hence he started stalking them and trying to kill them.


This movie is a remake of the old version of Flatliners. It tells us a story of groups of students in medical universities who wanted to play with fate and hold a weird experiment. By turns, they stop their heart beating for several seconds and get back to life. They wanted to see if any other work after death really exists and if the resurrection is actually possible. Initially, they were dead for several seconds but then they wanted to prolong this time to several minutes. And despite any danger, everyone wanted to have a try. However, all actions have consequences and most of them are unexpected. The longer students remained dead, the more strange things started to happen. They began to see different supernatural things and ghosts that were chasing them and wanted to hurt them. Despite these scary things, some students became masters in different skills like playing piano, science, and so on, meaning death opened something beautiful and awful at the same time. 

The Blair witch project

The Blair witch from Maryland is considered to be a true-based story that has numerous screen interpretations. This one is related to students and their college projects. The girl and two of her friends decided to dedicate their project to Blair witch and weird activities in the woods where she was supposed to live. It was a documentary film and the girl had the camera in her hands all the time. From the beginning everything was good and no strange things to reveal. However, the next day after their arrival,  they understood that they got lost and the map was incorrect. The day after that, one of their friends disappeared as he was kidnapped by the Blair witch. They spent 8 days in the forest with no food and enough warm clothes. At last, they found a house in the woods that wasn’t there before and the story ends right after they enter this house. The group of students disappeared and nobody will ever know how exactly. 

The Roommate

The movie depicts a girl Sara who has just entered the college and met her roommate on the college campus. Everything starts great, they become real friends and spend plenty of time together. However, then her roommate starts behaving really weirdly and obsessively. Sara found a new boyfriend and they started dating which means that she couldn’t spend that much time with her roommate. The roommate girl was really jealous of her and was doing scary things to harm herself, watching Sara and even trying to kill her in order to attract Sara’s attention and replace all of her friends. The movie shows that even if your new roommate is nice you shouldn’t trust this person for 100% as you never know who this roommate may turn out to be. 

Bottom line

All the abovementioned movies are scary not because of some supernatural things but mostly because most of these situations are real or based on true stories and can somehow happen in your life. What lesson can you learn from watching these films? Well, first of all, do not trust strangers and your new college friends; second, think of consequences before doing anything, especially illegal, and third, do not be afraid to write to your family to ask for support and tips in weird situations.

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