Comfortable and Furious

Dude, Where’s my Car (2000)

Everybody has their jokes about the title of this film. Here are some of mine. Dude, where’s my gun? Oh, never mind. I’m riding in a car in New Hampshire and we just when past the museum of childhood. What do you think that is? It sounds like something out of a sci-fi story in which everybody is cloned into being as adults and childhood no longer exists. What would it be like to be a pedophile in that world, or to be heterosexual in a world where everybody was cloned to be a woman like Valerie whatsername from I Shot Andy Warhol wanted?

You just wouldn’t know what you were attracted to. You’d have all of these sexual impulses with no real direction. I wonder if there are people like that in our world? Maybe you just find something else to be attracted to. But then you can’t really say that sexual orientation is completely hardwired

Why did they start saying sexual orientation’ instead of sexual preference?’ I was once told that preference implied choice and people didn’t choose their sexual orientations. But the fact of the matter is you don’t really choose your preferences. I never sat down and said, I think I’ll prefer chocolate and peanut butter ice cream to all others, or “I think I’ll prefer not to watch the second half of this movie, even though the part with the drive through Chinese place is mildly amusing.”

Ruthless Ratings:

  • Overall: 2
  • Direction: 3
  • Acting: 1
  • DVD Extras: I didn’t get nearly that far
  • Rewatchability: Surely you jest
  • Number of times I paused the movie to do something else: 1, That something else was to stop watching the movie