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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 45

“Mendacity is the society that we live in” –Brick

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof starred one of the most gorgeous couples in cinema history, but it also contained some top-notch acting, notably from Newman and Burl Ives. There were many, many memorable scenes in this masterpiece, but the duet in the rain between Big Daddy and his son Brick was one of the best.

This film was an adaptation of a Tennessee Willams play and contained many riveting scenes, but the one where Brick finally gives Big Daddy the gut punch of the truth about his recent doctor’s visit is one of it’s best. Burl Ives has never been better in this classic film.

Big Daddy was grappling with his mortality, Brick with his loss of his best friend Skipper and Maggie (Elizabeth Taylor) was trying desperatly to save their marriage. The revelations in this layered adaptation are as timely as they are sometimes shocking. This is a much watch for any serious lover of classic films.







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