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Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 48

The Big Lebowski Is one of the funniest and most unique comedies ever made. The characters are as memorable as they are hilarious; as are the outrageous scenes that involve the familiar stable of favorite actors that the Coen’s always manage to assemble.

John Goodman is superior as Walter, the unhinged and over-the-top military Vet who just cannot shut up about his buddies in Vietnam. Walter’s yammerings are a theme throughout the movie, at the bowling alley, the diner, at Little Larry’s house, and at encounters with the nihilists. The long-suffering Dude is always annoyed with Walter’s antics, but there is one scene where Walter outdoes himself.

After Donny’s unfortunate demise and the morbidly hilarious encounter with the Funeral Home and their expensive urns, The Dude and Walter go the Pacific Ocean to spread Donny’s ashes. The Dude’s exasperation boils over as Walter is powerless to contain himself during his delivery of Donny’s eulogy. This scene is a masterpiece of writing and acting. The Dude “abides”, but only to a point.







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  1. John Welsh Avatar
    John Welsh

    The Coen Bros reportedly based John Goodman’s character in appearance and personality on their friend, director John Milius.

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